Friday, January 30, 2009

Going out tonight...

It's Kavinsky Vs. Fake Blood in Barcelona tonight.

Why? We know that Fake Blood are the brains behind Big Beat and we have respect for that.

For those who choose Kavinsky. Meneo's Raul is on the visuals. Raise a glass.

Doddington Vs. Messi... The real No. 10!

Shouts to Messi last night for doing justice to my number!!
They good, oh they good...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rogue State!

My first entry to the PDJ blog is gonna be as short as my hair at the back: pretty short.

I'd just like to give some shine to my man in Sheffield who I used to spin with a few years ago, and is producing some high-quality low-end beats that represent all the stuff I miss about the Sheffeeeeeel sound.

I salute you, Rogue State (pictured right, in the guise of Mum-Ra).

DJ Slick Dixx


HOLA FAMILIA. Aqui Raúl de Meneo...
_nuestro primer post no podía ser de otra forma más que enseñando las fokin nalgas, ooops!


Family working !!!!
Rules !

Guess who's back on tour... COME ON BABY!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This little piggy went to party...

We're salty with excitement about the first Plat du Jour party of '09. This will be bigger than Obama's inauguration. But actually also kind of tiny.....

Gusto is our favourite little bar deep in the heart of Gracia. The owners are hell-bent on pulling off noisy parties in a quiet neighbourhood. They have completely covered the walls and ceilings in rubber and then wrapped the whole place, birthday present style, in beautiful ornate wallpaper. It's a little taste of down-town New York right here in Barca.

Expect classic Menu del Dia. These little piggies will blow their own house down!


DJ Crowhead - The Bends...

Here's the sound of Manchester scraped from the corners of the 90's and served up fresh in '09. Watch out for DJ Crowhead this year. This video was directed by the amazing Colin O'Toole who was responsible for some amazing short films in 2008 and of course his work for the legend Ian Brown.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Drums of Death...

He's marvelous, simply marvelous... This fello played one of the first Plat du Jour parties last year and grew up in the wrestling ring of Greco Roman. What can you say! BoulliBASSe for the Plat du Jour! Respect in every aspect...

Jack got jacked...

AC Slater is bringing it at the moment! Tracks like Jacked got Jacked are getting all yo folks excited, only the beginning fo sure. Here's a lil link to a mix we found.

Kun Os - "International"
Edu K Vs. Radioclit Ft. MC Eric - "Linguiça Maluka"
Cosmetics - "K33P K33P"
AC Slater - "Kuku feat. Fagget Fairys" (Scott Cooper & Jak Z's Post Mungo Mix)
B. Rich - "Ain't Here To Party" feat. Whiskey Pete
Blatta & Inesha - "Blow Up" feat. Ask (HiJack Remix)
AC Slater - "Vertigo" (Nick Supply Remix)
Alex Schmitz - "Beat Goes Boom" (Stupid Fresh Remix)
Mightyfools - "Hey Babe"
Wiley - "Summertime" (Crookers Remix)
Mikix The Cat - "Outlaw" Udachi - "Jellyroll"
Deckstar - "Git Da Gyal Dem Skankin" feat Tempah
AC Slater - "Jack Got Jacked" (B. Rich Remix)
Jason Tyler - "Run Around" (Udachi Rmx)
Freestylers - "Don't Stop" (AC Slater Remix)
Drop the Lime - "Hear Me" (AC Slater Remix)
Your Dirty Habit - "Your Dirty Habit" (Computer Club Remix)
Moby - "The Stars" (AC Slater Remix)


Lil Wayne's addiction to Sizzurp is a touch strange! Worrying even. Check the link for details of a new documentary recently premiered at Sundance telling all.

Espanish Boogie is the new cool...

The coolest mix this year, well it's actually from last year but it's still F*$ing killing it in the mixes of the year category. K**O's Espanish Boogie.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Late Night Music

My People, My fam...

Just another late night thing... Actually 05.52... Surkin played... I didn´t go but McBerry says he knows how to drop shiiiiiiet.

You guys have to check out some swedish musicians, unknowned for many but in the heart of a lot of us... Shiiiiiet maing... It´s hard out there for a pimp!

Ok, here it goes: Johan Zaar

This guy is a true rocker who plays all the instruments himself and sings as well... Damn... Furthermore i would like to add that to understand some of the dirty south you gotta click on all his friends to know more about sweet Scania. Skåne. Down South... Suecia. Peace!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Plat du Jour x The Wolf

Burn Mother F$*ker, BURN!

Forget Turbosound, Funktion 1, Bose Surround Sound. No, forget that... It's all about computer speakers, always has been. We don't need bass tremors messing with our minds and ruining our nights out. If you choose to hear a gambit of disco, simply walk up to the DJ holding the afore mentioned speaker, press your face in, approx 30cm distance will do. Indulge in 30 seconds or so of super crackle sound! Then simply return to the bar. That is fun!!

Literally, Burn Baby Burn was legendary, and yes we did blow the AMP! It never set the roof on fire unfortunately but there was a small blaze to be proud of.

Thanks to all who took part in the speaker holding, it was (obviously) essential to get that extra height! Never met a nicer bunch of masked cronies. Holler at yus soon.

Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three remind us how it's done...

Papa Limbo... We LOVE yo pics!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

Garçon, l'addition s'il vous plait !!!!

'Cause we know how u like it !!! Bon appetit !

Thursday, January 15, 2009

RIP Adriana

Pretty late to mention it, I know. But I had to say it. Its been eating me up inside. Adriana, we salute you xxx

Mumdance VIP 4EVA

Our mate Jack gave us these to send out to all lovers of his 'Polyrhythmic' ways. Lucky aint the word!

Black Lips - Veni Vidi Vici - Mumdance Remix Ft. Jammer
Samirs Township Ft. C Gritz & Jammer

Maths Class - Branches - Mumdance Remix

The gospel of the world's best chef!

Fuck yeah. I'd take a Bamboo pole stuffed with sashimi and a bottle of 'mythical' champagne all the way to Kyoto for my final meal. Keep it understated I say.

Ferran Adria's Last Supper...

What would you eat for your last supper?
Bamboo poles filled with sashimi, prawn with tuzu, clam soup, fried blowfish, miso shells, giant radish with abalone ...

Who would cook it?
For my last supper I would like to go back a century and ask Monsieur Escoffier to prepare a feast for me.

Where would you eat it?
In Kyoto.

What would you drink?
A selection of mythical champagnes, for example, a Salon S from Mesnil 1947, Krug vintage 1938 or Bollinger Vieilles Vignes 1985, and a more recent Gosset Millsime 1996.

Who would you share it with?
With my family.