Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coopz Mucksion - Police Radio (Raw Car Chase Video)

Close up: Melé

Here is a guy who started making beats at 14 and has dropped heavy tunage ever since, made a massive release for Sinden's Grizzly and has dropped great mixes with some mad old grime, rnb, bassline, afrobeat, fidget, midget n more...well anyways he just killed my system with this here mixtaaape! Dropping some of our alltime favorites like Boddika, Mensah, Mumdance, Roska and many more...Great Bashment. Free downloadingsituation

Melé Mix For Triple J by Melé


Here goes a more trapped out track, also free!!!

Melé - Streets Of Rage FREE DOWNLOAD by Melé

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

La Morcilla II

My new summer bass experience has come flying out for the possible enjoyment of millions.  Yep, I return with my Finnish crew-brother DJ Matooke to bring you ‘La Morcilla II’, which has been about six months in the making and is about a good a mixtape as you could envision hearing, if you like exactly the same music as we do.
Along with another crew-brother, the Canadian Michael Swaney, we have made 50 hard copies with individually illustrated covers, for close personal amigxs, true believers and one competition winner in Shrewsbury.
For those interested in a non-tactile version, peep the wave-form below.
The tracklist, btw, will remain a closely guarded secret.
Volume I can still be peeped here.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Lean back! Here are some amazing free crunked up tracks...from Devil stuff to Purple:

Get Coopz Mucksions latest Neat Man Coopz -ONE DAY by NeatMan Coopz Beats Vol 1

This one here by man called Look Like: Look Like - Scared Striker (click for download) by Look Like

Photo: crookedruler:com

Never forget DJ Paul....Kiinge!


This here be a massive update of some mad thing on right now and then and whenever! Big things!..SNAKE!

Get learned, here is E-BOI with a massive track, important and strong message with a great video by Thomas Karl Johan Gunnarsson. Big Thing!

Well, then we have Dark Sky killing it with this here piece!!!!Dark Sky - Speeding Blue is one of 4 new tracks forthcomming on 50Weapons, out July 29th. Addict!

And then a mad house mix from the Underground Militia of Sweden. Check their Uk Funky mixes for download on soundlcoud. They brake it, a DJ crew with proper tunage, from old school garage, 2 step to UK funky n house...madness! Underground Militia House mix by Underground Militia

We Go Hard To France

We went hard to France this weekend.

Invited by our France frères Je Déteste La Musique, we decided to take the scenic route with a car and a couple of tents, camping in Montpellier along the way.

The night itself was the last one the crew will hold at the impressive MC2 venue in Grenoble, and over the few years they've been holding nights there they have invited a fair few heavyweights to the Alpine town, and built up quite a following who go bananas from 1am til the night is over, and that is no exaggeration. 

Merci bien a vous.

A few flicks of our adventure:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tonite's Tha Nite

Where you at Tom & Clare? Can't wait to see yous...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Round Table Knights!

...are our special guests at this Thursday's Off-Sonar extravaganza.  For anyone that doesn't know, you'd better ask somebody; alternatively, you can check this fresh mix out, with this kind of carry on put together in the most delightful way:

Marc Moulin - Aria
Terry Callier - You Goin Miss Your Candyman
Trickski – Phill Collins
Tornado Wallace – Swimmin
Hercules & Love Affair – My House
Bubba – Makin Contact
Subb-an – What I Do
Session Victim – We Want To Thank All Our Friends
Homework – Hold Me Tight
Andre Crom, Martin Dawson – In The City
No Regular Play – Serious Heat
Mount Kimbie – Carbonated (Chris James Refix)
Stuffa – Proof (Wolf + Lamb Remix)
Riva Starr – More (Kink Remix)
Round Table Knights – Paparussi
Joy Orbison – Ladywell
Rick Poppa Howard – About Fourteen

We're still only asking 5€ for your tickets from Resident Advisor, or 7€ from Discos Paradiso.  See you under the stars party people.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

Zodiac & Jackmode Off-Sonar Gemini Throwdown

In the absence of a PDJ gig this year, allow myself to invite yourselves to the #1 Thursday Get-Down for my Off-Sonar teaming.

While the Barcelona prepares itself for a weekend of advanced music and city-wide events, Zodiac returns to its home on Montjuïc for the first pool party of the summer and an amazing line-up of artists to rival any stage you could be at over the Sonar period.

We are delighted to be able to announce our hook-up with Berlin-based house agency Jackmode, who have put together an international cast of dancefloor masters to kick off proceedings at the festival.

Fans of the new directions of house music will salivate at the thought of the team we will be presenting on the Thursday night that for the past few years has played host to a number of quality off-Sonar events.

So, without any more beating around bushes, we have a very special Made To Play guest around, joint by Zombie Disco Squad, Oliver $ (Made To Play), Sasse (Mood Music), Chopstick & Johnjon (Suol), Penner + Muder (Wazi Wazi), J.Phlip (dirtybird) and Slick D. (Plat Du Jour).

The venue itself is totally unique. Just a ten-minute walk from Plaça Espanya leads you to an isolated country club, whose swimming-pool area and bar we commandeer for the purposes of an astrally-inspired throwdown.

In promoting the event electronically, we have been able to keep costs down, so we're proud to announce that tickets cost just 5€ in advance, available at Discos Paradiso, a minute from the Sonar Day venue, or from Resident Advisor who got the early bird tickets 5€.  The door will take 10€ off your hands.

The artwork for this event blessed by the sign of Gemini has been used with the kind permission of Kid Acne.

Here's a little something I put together to prick up ears.

 Zodiac Prevista Off-Sonar 2011 by Slick Dixxx