Monday, January 19, 2009

Burn Mother F$*ker, BURN!

Forget Turbosound, Funktion 1, Bose Surround Sound. No, forget that... It's all about computer speakers, always has been. We don't need bass tremors messing with our minds and ruining our nights out. If you choose to hear a gambit of disco, simply walk up to the DJ holding the afore mentioned speaker, press your face in, approx 30cm distance will do. Indulge in 30 seconds or so of super crackle sound! Then simply return to the bar. That is fun!!

Literally, Burn Baby Burn was legendary, and yes we did blow the AMP! It never set the roof on fire unfortunately but there was a small blaze to be proud of.

Thanks to all who took part in the speaker holding, it was (obviously) essential to get that extra height! Never met a nicer bunch of masked cronies. Holler at yus soon.

Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three remind us how it's done...

Papa Limbo... We LOVE yo pics!

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