Saturday, February 28, 2009

Plat Du Jour: Dino with salsa picante, bebida y pan incluido.
EyeForTooth "BleedthruPavement"
Directed by Lucien Garin

Thursday, February 26, 2009

DJ Slick Dixx x Samurai FM...

Blog house king DJ SLICK DIXX is playing with the big boys at Samurai FM. He's turned out a killer mix while fashioning his own dance phenomenon 'El Zapatero' at the same time! The move involves a hand in the air and at 90 degrees away from the body, palm upwards... It means BASS!

Smooth Criminals...

They are unstoppable! This Friday they launch their all new album 'Santa Nalga' with an essential party (amazing location!!) and some of our favourite DJs are playing including the mighty Papicho and of course us, the Plat du Jour crew! Hit here... For more... Meneo's Santa Nalga

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm On A Boat

Last night was silly, thanks for coming out goons.

A little light entertainment for Saturday evening.

Thanks to Julio for the heads up on this masterpiece.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Roll Deep, Roll Fat, Roll en Croute...


C SHELL'S Got fresh beats & bass!
K**O's Going to drop a assiette of his new floor fillers!
SLICK DIXX is preppin' a sheffeeeeel Steeeeel Rave UP!

Come follow...

The Bug x South Rakkas Crew (Just in case you don't know exactly what Plat du Jour is all about!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Martelo championing...

Fresh up from boy wonder Martelo... Made his name on the road with Santogold or should we say Santigold (after a recent legal dispute). He's killing it right now on his lonesome. Play's Barcelona on May 9th at Razzmatazz alongside Toddla T and Oneman... HEAT! Bring it.

Remember, no daawwwgggssss...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dre Day 2009: Wednesday, 18th February

Yo g's

This Wednesday is the day we can celebrate the one and only Dr Dre, it being his birthday and all. Standard Dre Day celebrations in the past have included 40 oz beers, gin & juice, a fat bag of chronic and plenty of hoez. The party can start at any time but must go on til six in tha morning.

Obviously the soundtrack is g-funk based, but why not smoke out to this shit put together by myself DJ Slick Dixx aka Glitch Loc and Ominous K aka K-Dogg, with a little help from Eye For Tooth aka Slo-Mo.

A special shout out to Doddington aka Lil Deezy for the artwork.


Friday, February 13, 2009

A-Trak Vs. Nike - Bullshit...

Can you believe this, pure shit!! A-Trak. Are we meant to believe you did this from your love of running? No offense, you don't look like a runner! You've been pimped man. Officially. Nike Run++++++ - buy me now - there's air in the sole you know - iPod velcro'd to your bell-end that beeps quicker when you "hit the wall". I can imagine the marketing meeting. Sick of this shit!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Anfield Rap

There's not many teams that can boast of having made a rap record. There's not many teams like Liverpool FC.

AC Buzzin' Tackle...

This is just for people winding down at work, Thursday innit! Which means you can go out and get slammed because there is only one more day in the week and you can cruise it with your eyes closed. Haha. AC Slater's remix of Buzzin... Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Real Joker...

Grime smashing Dubstep. A 45min breakdown from the boy wonder JOKER! Joker's Bristol born and cranking it across Europe right now. We had him play after Jammer and Mumdance at Friends and Family in London and it went OFF! Check his myspace for more.

Blu Jemz...

Our man on the streets in NYC dropped off something quite nice. 'NYC NIGHTS' - cool disco style, might I even add... Good end of the night tune!! I could imagine getting all emotional fo shiz...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Tomb Crew played our last party at La Nau and they took the roof off!

We asked them a few questions about what gets their juices flowing......

1) What is your current favourite record?

Lil Silva - Different

2) What is the ultimate end of the night track?

Will Smith - Fresh Prince of Bel Air

3) Which artist gets ultimate Tomb Crew respect right now?

Oneman, Toddla T, Mumdance, Lil Silva, Rusko

4) What parties are showing the rest how it's done?

In the UK..Bigger than Barry in Birmingham has been putting everyone else to shame for a good while now...theyve expanded to manchester, sheffield, nottingham and leeds so watch your back if you promote in those cities! ha but as far as london goes our shout goes to Deadly Rhythm or Urban Nerds..both smacking it every single event!! outside the UK i think we have a dead heat between yourselfs (which was an amazing night!) and Supra 1's night in Krakow..check for a video!!

5) What is your Plat du Jour?
In Watermelon Sugar by Richard Brautigan

Lil Silva is currently heading up the Funky scene in London. Think less Hed Kandi and more grime for girls. Can't be bad.......

It's pretty tough to find his tracks online, but check out his myspace!


Friday, February 6, 2009

The Benga Bass effect...

Huge props to the Powder Room for last nights triumph. BCN was out in force to support badman Benga...

Just in case you forgot it!! Du du. Du du. Du du du du du du do do do do...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Parra innit...

Is Parra all dried up? Did Kanye squeeze just a little too much!?
I say no. I love it!

Get it at Ras for those in BCN town and online too for that matter, it's worldwide. It really is a great bookshop!

'COMTE D'URGELL' Barcelona

Nuestros amigos de 'Comte d'Urgell', Carlos y Jordi son lo responsables de algunos de los diseños y visuales más frescos made in Barcelona. Entre sus trabajos podemos encontrar joyas como el artwork para el CD de Universal Circus 'Hello Sunshine', asi como todo su trabajo para El Guincho. Además de realizar el artwork de 'Alegranza' Comte también son los encargados de los visuals en directo del Guincho. Despampanantes, maravillosos... a camino entre la broma más gamberra y el tratado más sesudo. Mención aparte merece Internet2 que es el proyecto músical de Carlos. Al principio unos calzoncillos midi que se fabricó él mismo conectados a un laptop, ahora un piano midi gigante, una capa mágica, visuales y hasta un clarinete. Internet2 ha actuado en Sonar, el Centro Pompidú en Paris... asi como una larga lista de centros artísticos, galerías, clubs y salas de concierto europeas. Bravo Comte... estilacho!!.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

K**O dice...

Oi! Me estreno en el PDJ blog con el que es probablemente mi tema de UK Garage favorito, el "Oi!" de More Fire Crew. No sé cuántas veces lo he podido llegar a escuchar, pinchar o recomendar. Millones. Lo que es seguro es que nunca me cansaré de hacerlo. Así sonaba el Grime en 2002, antes de que le pusieran nombre:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Limbo Family present 2 new publications...

In Landry we trust... BCN legend and man of the people... Read on.

"Fucking in the Morning Time is better than a cup of Haferschleim"
(Big Geezers Tour, Travel around Scandinavia and East Europe)

Landry has put together an additional selection of shots from the trip in the shape of a more intimate fanzine which reveals not only what you won’t see in the "Big Geezers Tour, The Book".

(Published by Work in Progress and Verlag für Bildschöne BücherSize. 104 pages written by HARLAN LEVEY, photos by LANDRY A.)

Last year Carhartt Sponsored The Big Geezers Tour, a journey that put talented young artist like Galo, The London Police, Bo130, Microbo, Will Barras, Joska, Wayne Horse and Jeremy Fish on a bus to ride around Europe, spread some love and share the color, characters and all the energy that has made each of them iconic and acclaimed visual artists each with their own unique aesthetic language.

€€ The work of Landry A €€
€€ The artists and their shared history €€

Orgasmic, Teki... Pellegrino Minimineral...

Orgasmic came with his crew Cuizinier and Tido Berman to rock the spot at Plat du Jour over in LDN last year. 50 girls on stage going nuts is always a good look. There was one man missing... Here's Orgasmic & that man Teki ripping it up. Holler.

Sound Pellegrino Minimineral Mix
Read the full bizness and more at top blog Discobelle

Monday, February 2, 2009

Toddla Teaser...

Our boy Toddla T is finally hitting Spanish shores. OK, so it's not until May, but we're already pretty excited. Check the Razzmattaz website for more details (for those who've never been, this club is the size of a small island!)

He answered our little quiz.


1) What is your current favourite record?

Ms Dynamite - Bad Gyal

2) What is the ultimate end of the night track?

Gapband - Outstanding

3) Which artist gets ultimate Toddla respect right now?

Tinchy Stryder

4) What parties are showing the rest how it's done?

Bigger The Barry & Kabal

5) What is your Plat du Jour?

Plat du Jour

Aw shucks Toddla! And don't sleep on a Toddla tip.....this Ms Dynamite track is off the hook! (thanks to the Heatwave crew for the link).

The first lady of dancehall and garage is BACK and with added attitude!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yo, come follow me!! What's the definition of a real Frenchie!?

K-os said it (...kind of)!!

We just remixed it, replaced MC with Frenchie and voila!

We just got to tell you about this.

It might not be unbelievable to hear but the French contingent over here might just be embarrassing a few of the Spaniards at their own game. The 'Menu Del Dia' (Menu of the Day) usually means that even the best restaurants in town produce a cheap lunch menu so unimaginative you would question whether the chef is really the same guy doing the 30€+ offerings that same evening. If you can't make it good for the price, don't do it. I aint kidding!

In one year of living in Barcelona I have had two Menu del Dias that I have actually enjoyed. The first at El Lobo and the second is the unstoppable French crew at Au Port De La Lune (If BASS were food, they is serving FlyLo!).

Our crew just calls it 'The French Restaurant' and it's ridiculous. 15€ took me through a smoked mackerel ceviche with new potatoes and red onions, top quality rare steak (...and the chef only does rare, Frenchies, brilliant!) with an unstoppable potato puree, caramelised onions and some freshly sauteed mushrooms (not that 'sitting around the kitchen watery crap' the rest of the mugs are serving). Last up a selection of 3 cheeses served at the perfect temperature, I mean, they walked to the table and introduced themselves. All washed down with red wine, an espresso plus they gave me a fresh oyster from La Boqueria next door! I'll say it again, Ridiculous.

Certainly the best lunch experience I have had in BCN. Please Please go down and check it. 12€ on weekdays and 15€ on Saturday. The waitress was amazing too, I mean, she acted out duck pate for christs sake!!

Reet good... Au Port De La Lune

'Bodegas Las Vegas' Exhibition

Here's one for the diary. 'Bodegas Las Vegas' is an exhibition of orginal paintings and sculpture by Barcelona born-and-raised outsider artists Oscar Lozano and Andres Pascual. This is far from the airy-fairy minimal tripe that masquerades as art in the majority of galleries. This is genuine Spanish soul, folk art inspired by the pueblo.

The opening is 4th March, I'm probably going to be spinning with my mod friend Dr. Whoo.

Check this link for some examples of recent work.