Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bigger than HIP HOUSE!

Plat du Jour favourites Greco Roman are slowly taking over the world...trendy party by trendy party.Always obscure, always in a special venue (think metro stations, boats, warehouses, sewers, ice cream vans...) and always absolutely crazy. The only music policy that these guys have is that anything goes and pretensions must be left at home, along with nu-rave leggings.

Our boy Alex 'Full Nelson' Waldron from Greco Roman has been up to no good again. He is a mouthy, balding Londoner who lives in Berlin but hates techno. His sets are as famous for their glitches as they are for their Sade. He is a genius. Check out his mix of old hip house records "This House Ain't Hip"

and click here his wordy musical musings in a FACT interview.

Oh, and an oh-so-subtle and shameless tenuous link. Greco Roman records are pimping out all the greats- everyone from Yo Majesty to Drums of Death to David E Sugar to Buraka Som Sistema. Next up for the Greco treatment are Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur - Plat du Jour's big booking for the May PLAT DU JOUR CARNIVAL SPECIAL!


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