Thursday, June 10, 2010

South Africa sensations... Kwaito FEVER!

I posted this when I was gettin' hyped about the World Cup in January this year. I thought it was worth a re-post all things considered. The old ones have the South African crews before the World Cup, doing it for themselves. The newer ones they are all wearing adidas. HAHA. adidas. Never afraid to jump on!

So... We know all about Township Funk from the Warp Records (previously SA's Sheer Records) new boy Mujava. We hope to he'll pull out another banger soon. But what more? Here's a few pretty old findings... But it starts with a lil fresh drop I spotted on Discobelle this week. Big Nuz!


Big Nuz - Umlilo

Msawawa - Wawungakanani

Trompies - Bengimngaka

Mujava - Township Funk (Skream Remix)

Sister Bethina

Mingo - Tshba Tsotsi

+ A lil offering from C Shell - Mapaputsi - Kleva Kasilam

It's all huge soundsystems, Kwaito, heavy bass and hollering.
Keep sweatin' pig fans.

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