Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Film by Shaun Bloodworth...

I had the pleasure to meet a man called Shaun Bloodworth in Barcelona this year. The guy is more suitable for Plat du Jour than a Carpaccio de pichón ahumado con helado de enebro!

He's photographed the greatest artists in the world in my eyes. Taking the likes of Cooly G, David Rodigan, Shake Aletti and Roska aside - I'm talking chefs, chefs like Ferran Adria & René Redzepi. Music & Food people. Music & Food. I told you allll along!

This is a film trailer for a film commisioned by the mighty Mary Anne Hobbs that goes by the name MINDS LOCKED TOGETHER. It's a really beautiful photographic/film montage that really brings home British music/bass culture, in this case, emanating from his home town of Sheffield.

Click here to see the full version on A Very nice guy. A very talented guy.

MINDS LOCKED TOGETHER (Trailer) -A Film By Shaun Bloodworth from Bleep Bot on Vimeo.

Here's a little bit more from the man himself...

The Film really is a document of life in Sheffield, based around the Electronic music scene, but its also about the difference between a Nightclub, which is an empty venue - and a Club Night, which is the transformation of that place into somewhere you go for specific experience. So, its about the promoters and the audience as well as the performers. There's always been an extremely vibrant and independent spirit in the City regarding music, with a culture of 'well if they don't cater for me i'll start my own night' - and I've wanted to record that for a while now.

Minds Locked Together, a phrase from a Venetian Snares track that i heard in Flying Lotus's set about a year ago, started out as a commission from MaryAnne Hobbs, to produce visuals for her Sonar Stage set, in June this year. I hadn't a clue what I was going to do at that time, but knew Roska had asked GiveUpArt to do a graphic visual and Flying Lotus had Strangeloop to do a multi layered animation - well i couldnt compete with those, so i decided to do something with live footage.