Thursday, December 9, 2010

Let's Go Techno

Good things about techno: 

  1. It feels like you're in space
  2. It feels like your're in space in the future
  3. It's gender nonspecific
  4. You presumably don't have to worry about clearing samples
Bad things about techno:
  1. Your heroes could be asked to appear in photoshoots which could remind the casual onlooker of Limahl who sang the theme to 'The Never Ending Story'
I dug the first Booka Shade album, and here's a bass-heavy remix of a newish track of theirs for your downloading pleasure.

Thanks to all the massive inna Moog on Tuesday night, and an extra-especial lifetime's large-ups to the lad who tackled the shitehawk on the Ramblas who tried to make off with our wages. 

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