Monday, June 6, 2011

Zodiac & Jackmode Off-Sonar Gemini Throwdown

In the absence of a PDJ gig this year, allow myself to invite yourselves to the #1 Thursday Get-Down for my Off-Sonar teaming.

While the Barcelona prepares itself for a weekend of advanced music and city-wide events, Zodiac returns to its home on Montjuïc for the first pool party of the summer and an amazing line-up of artists to rival any stage you could be at over the Sonar period.

We are delighted to be able to announce our hook-up with Berlin-based house agency Jackmode, who have put together an international cast of dancefloor masters to kick off proceedings at the festival.

Fans of the new directions of house music will salivate at the thought of the team we will be presenting on the Thursday night that for the past few years has played host to a number of quality off-Sonar events.

So, without any more beating around bushes, we have a very special Made To Play guest around, joint by Zombie Disco Squad, Oliver $ (Made To Play), Sasse (Mood Music), Chopstick & Johnjon (Suol), Penner + Muder (Wazi Wazi), J.Phlip (dirtybird) and Slick D. (Plat Du Jour).

The venue itself is totally unique. Just a ten-minute walk from Plaça Espanya leads you to an isolated country club, whose swimming-pool area and bar we commandeer for the purposes of an astrally-inspired throwdown.

In promoting the event electronically, we have been able to keep costs down, so we're proud to announce that tickets cost just 5€ in advance, available at Discos Paradiso, a minute from the Sonar Day venue, or from Resident Advisor who got the early bird tickets 5€.  The door will take 10€ off your hands.

The artwork for this event blessed by the sign of Gemini has been used with the kind permission of Kid Acne.

Here's a little something I put together to prick up ears.

 Zodiac Prevista Off-Sonar 2011 by Slick Dixxx

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