Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This Train Keeps Rollin'

Hola bretheren,

Those summer months whizzed by, right?  Wrong!  Inna Barna it is still so hot that we've got the oven on full blast just to cool down.  To make matters even worse, I <3 Dubstep is back with me and my teaming fully on board, brutalising the brand new Funkion 1 soundsystem in the Rex at Razzmatazz.

As per, you can expect enormous sounds in the main room downstairs too, with apocalyptic sets from Iberian Bass Warriors Benvinda, Wasabii, La Crema and Barbarians, with Stormy's vocals to punctuate proceedings.

The shit is free with a flyer, or even an image thereof on one's mobile, til 1.30.  There'll be a queue so get in early cos I'm not picking up the phone once I'm in fiesta mode.

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