Thursday, October 6, 2011

Zodiac's Back

Making tentative steps back into the field of party-throwing, here's the one-time World's Most Famous Virgin sitting atop a flyer for this weekend's most unmissable masked-disco party in Poblenou.

Some blurb I half wrote:

"An intimate event dedicated to the most virtuous of cumpleanyeros, Masked Ballers Burn Baby Burn combine with Astral Amblers Zodiac to present VIRGO.

"So innocent are our hosts that they insist all identities at the event remain hidden behind masks as the select certain someones gather to rejoice at the turning of another constellation.

"Providing sounds of playful variety and surprising depth will be SUNNY GRAVES, known on occasion as JAHBITAT, SLICK DIXXX, and DJ ROGER C.

"The venue is a precious corner of Poblenou, so far ignored by the socialites, whose cosy bar and dancefloor is uninfringed by curtain-twitching neighbour types.
"Both timetable and guest list are strictly limited, so make sure your 4 euro advance payment is made in good time to one of the event's 'administrators' and that you are there plenty early."

Making use of all the disco I picked up in England's cheap and pleasant charity shops, here's a special mix one time for your mind:

 Burn Baby Burn & Zodiac Present The Virgo Mixtape by Slick Dixxx 

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