Thursday, April 30, 2009

This week I have been mostly been....

talking about David Byrne. I can't stop. Neither can Jonathon. It's really annoying.


JODER... Go Amanda Blank... Pheweeee...

Yep. Spank Rock are good! But Blank is better....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Word from Reecha...

A little something Reecha did for Trouble Vision in the UK... A heavy mix!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

Zombie Disco Squad's... Plat Du Jour

It occured to me that ZDS were big when I found a record sleeve for this record mislaid at Mondo. What a coincidink!

I used to travel, paint, steal and spin with Lucas Hunter back in the glory years of Sheffield. Yes indeed; when the Arctics were mere chimps, Gatecrasher was keeping the KetaGeeks entertained and the best parties took place in an ice-rink, Luke and I were trying to carve out our likenesses in the Sheffield Rushmore hall-of-fame.

Good times were had, but names were not made. Luke slipped down the M1 to London, worked really hard for nothing for ages, got some residencies here and there and blew up. I bounced to Barna, homeboy to Berlin. We may have deviated in musical paths, but I still consider Luke and Nathanial Self, as Zombie Disco Squad, to be true leaders of a tremendous throwdown.

I put the Plat du Jour questions to Lucas for the benefit of our loyal readership.

1. What's your current favourite record?

There is a shedload, but at the moment I am loving Congaloid by Solo, its on the flip of our Dirtybird release. Solo is king of the grooves, proper dance music.

2. What is the ultimate end-of-night track?

It used to be Dont you forget about me but I doubt I could get away with that shit right now. That track had people on the tables! Nowadays I favour Be by Laidback Luke.

3. Which artist gets ultimate ZDS respect right now?

Franky Rizardo, man is 19 years old and making some crazy tracks, check for Flutetest and Voodoo.

4. What parties are showing the rest how it's done?

We have a residency at Panorama Bar, going there changed my view of everything, it is a life changing place. The atmosphere is amazing, the people are friendly, it has an ice cream parlour and a gay sex room if you are into those type of things.

5. What is your Plat du Jour?

My plate of the day? Bourbon Milkshakes, with a boiled egg with some gold leaf sprinkled on top.

Now go buy a tshirt from the

Luke has provided us with a link to a mix, which may or may not be exclusive, and its tracklist too:

Hall Of Mirrors Intro
Mexer FT Thais (Funkin Matt 3AM Remix)
Frank Rizardo - Voodoo
D’Julz - Fleurette
Loco Dice - Pimp Jackson Is Talking Now!! (DJ Sneak Remix)
Heinrich & Hirtenfellner - Tromp It
Mastiksoul - Macaron
Solo - Afreaka
Nick & Danny Chatelain - Katrinyla
Zombie Disco Squad - The Dance
H.O.S.H - The Valve
Alex Flatner Ft Lopazz - Perfect Circles (Reboot Remix)
Mutant Clan - Kenesai
Riva Starr VS Noize
Jesse Rose - Touch My Horn (Crookers Remix)
Deepgroove - Bad Acid (Style Of Eye Remix)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Mother.Fucking Gaslamp Killer...

GLK is slamming it. He's top!
Get this...
Volume 5

As the imagery suggests he was very hairy at one point, this was due to the reason he decided not to cut his hair until he finished his album. Then he finished it and cut his hair. But now it's getting long again. So he must be planning something... Hmmm... If my hair got that long between getting things sorted. JODER!

Bigger than HIP HOUSE!

Plat du Jour favourites Greco Roman are slowly taking over the world...trendy party by trendy party.Always obscure, always in a special venue (think metro stations, boats, warehouses, sewers, ice cream vans...) and always absolutely crazy. The only music policy that these guys have is that anything goes and pretensions must be left at home, along with nu-rave leggings.

Our boy Alex 'Full Nelson' Waldron from Greco Roman has been up to no good again. He is a mouthy, balding Londoner who lives in Berlin but hates techno. His sets are as famous for their glitches as they are for their Sade. He is a genius. Check out his mix of old hip house records "This House Ain't Hip"

and click here his wordy musical musings in a FACT interview.

Oh, and an oh-so-subtle and shameless tenuous link. Greco Roman records are pimping out all the greats- everyone from Yo Majesty to Drums of Death to David E Sugar to Buraka Som Sistema. Next up for the Greco treatment are Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur - Plat du Jour's big booking for the May PLAT DU JOUR CARNIVAL SPECIAL!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Joker & Nomad... Esta Noche!

THIS is a lil 30min something Joker played on Skream's Stella Sessions show on Rinse FM... To get you in the mood!! It's huge, turn it up!!

01-Natasja - Ilderbrand i Byen - 2000F REMIX
02-Swagger - Benny page
03-Snake Eater - Joker
04-You dont Know what love is - 2000f-JKamata
05-Solid State - Joker
06-Tempered - Rustie
07-Filth - Skream
08-Narsty Narsty Narsty - Scratcha.D.V.A
09-Get ya cock out - Rusko
10-3K Lane - J@kes & Joker
11-Holly Brook Park - Joker
12-Sushi Brain - Headhunter
13-Konfusion Dub - Kode9
14-Back 2 the future - Gemmy
15-Need You - Darkstar
16-80s - Joker
17-Get up instrumental - Pinch

To listen to it straight away... Check n3K4

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

L-Vis 1990

Raining yesterday, as it was, I decided to go record shopping, as I did. Most people will tell you that La Ruta Natural is the cat's whiskers when it comes to vinyl and service in Barcelona, and I would concur. I stumbled across this EP in the Baltimore section, but it is barely classifiable. In fact, it is barely listenable, if you are anything like the fellow in the video posted on youtube as a preview.

This thing is going to do damage on Friday night.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How to get to the club from Plaza Catalunya

This is for all of you knuckleheads gettin drunk trying to find this club...just follow the damn dinosaur...ssshit!

Jackmaster x Desparrame

Some people have mates, people they see in the street or on a night out. Then there is the next level, best friends. But then there is the next next level, the type of friendship between Plat du Jour & Desparrame... BLOOD BROTHERS... IN CAHOOTS... THICK AS THEIVES!

Desparrame is a collaboration between K**O & Spanish beat wizards Delorean. We saw them play in Barcelona last week and they are amazing!! The collab of indie beats and bass sees the final product filtering into clubs around Spain and the globe. Club music for the 22nd Century.

They are bringing over Glasgow club legend Jackmaster on Sunday to play a roadblock session at Angels & Kings on the 6th floor of Hotel ME. Jack is responsible for Dress 2 $weat, Numbers, Wireblock and has signed acts like Bulldog & Kazey, Piddy Py, Rustie etc etc. No shit!!

We spoke to Jackmaster, this is the word on the streets of Glasgow...
ps. The answer to question 3 leads us on to further business!!

What is your current favourite record?

What is the ultimate end of the night track?

Which artist gets ultimate Jackmaster respect right now?

What parties are showing the rest how it's done?

What is your Plat du Jour?

Zomby in BARCELONA!!

No word of a lie, when we heard Zomby was playing in Barcelona and it wasn't at Plat du Jour a tear rolled down each of our faces. Ominous punched through a wall, C Shell broke a gold earring, Slick Dixx crushed a wine glass and K**O missed a mix (man he must have been angry!).

Huge respect to Nitsa for making it happen and we will see you at the front!! Zomby's "Where were you in '92" is a real classic. Reminds me of the kind of excitement I had when I first heard Burial. You know. That kind of thing!! Musically it's very different but the buzz is there.

Mumdance x The Whip

Manchester trend masters The Whip have got our boy Mumdance to turn their beats into something proper, the full global bass effect here... Thoughts?

The Whip - Divebomb - (Mumdance Carnival Remix) - 320 MP3 & a WAV for the heads... WAV

Friday, April 3, 2009

Manaña Manaña...