Saturday, January 30, 2010

Comical Cover Versions Of The 1950s

This is a song I remember being tickled by on car trips when I was five, but it dates back to the middle of last century.  Covering Harry Belafonte's version of The Banana Boat Song, Stan Freberg introduces a live performace element to the song, the negotiations between an enthusiastic vocalist and his over-sensitive Beatnik bongo player.

The animation is also most charming.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Kingdom readys for FABRICLIVE (Mix)

Keep your eye on this guy... Kingdom is on Fools Gold and is going to be making some heavy moves in 2010. His 'Mindreader' EP is out on Feb 2nd. He plays Fabric Live in London on Feb 5th.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Soufflé - Milonakis Vs Samiyam (Vid)

This is how white kids do it...

BFlecha x XLR8R (Mp3)

In a moment of sheer madness... XLR8R have put up BFlecha's 'Ceje de Carnival' for free download. Read all about the "Spanish hottie" and download the track HERE!

The Weekly Weekend Wig-Out

The all-new Plat Du Jour feature is The Weekly Weekend Wig-Out, where we weigh up all the possible parties that could be attended in Barcelona on forthcoming non-school night nights.  We may well add to the post with a review if we succeed in getting into said party/gig/performance/wet t-shirt contest.

This weekend arrives the dude who most successfully shook his big-beat success that we really didn't like and turned into something between Fidget and Zapatilla that we can all get our teeth into: Fake Blood.  Predictably spinning at Apolo, where we're also headed tonight to peep Delorean, it remains to be seen if Señor Blood can find something new to do with 'Mars' that doesn't bore the backpackers whilst appeasing the Johnny-Come-Latelys.  My money's on the Boy 8-Bit Remix, which would slide in beautifully around the tortured teletext visuals concocted by the Mighty VJ Entter.

Here's a big-ass 2 hour mix to goad you up into a frenzy before we see each other in the front row gurning like a pair of 90-year-old stressed toothless 'Bacon Faced' Alex Fergusons.

 Fake Blood - Diesel U Music Show  by  Fake Blood

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jamtech Foundation x Mad Decent (Solid Foundation - Mp3)

Boom. The bosses. Loving Jamtech Foundation right now, we have been close followers and they show no sign of stopping. From Mad Decent to Sinden to Discobelle they only receive the up-most respect. Holler up Sweden! Check it here... JAMTECH FOUNDATION - SOLID FOUNDATION!

Swindle - Airmiles (Soundcloud)

We all respect a K**O tip off... Swindle is newly signed to Planet Mu and packin' heat right now!

Martyn x Ben Klock / Illum Sphere (Remix)

Loving the work of Illum Sphere right now! Don't sleep. Buy it HERE at the legendary Piccadilly Records in Manchester.

BFlecha is FRESH!

It's out on Arkestra Discos in Feb 2010, we cannot wait any longer. We love it. In BFlecha we trust.

Kosmic Lovers by BFlecha

Ceja de Carnival by BFlecha

Mumdance x Mad Decent (Mix)

Our mate Mumdance is rolling deep with his Mad Decent chums. A monthly column inspired by gettin to 'first base'. You got to love Mumdance! Here's the MIX that coincides wit the first installment.

Screeching Weasel – Dingbat – Roadkill
Circle Jerks – Wild In The Streets – Frontier
Mission Of Burma – Thats How I Escaped My Certain Fate – Ace Of Hearts
Rites Of Spring – For Want Of – Dischord
Samhain – Let The Day Begin – Plan 9
Jawbreaker – Indicament – Tupelo / Communion
Embrace – Dance Of Days – Dischord – Wiki
Hot Water Music – Turnstile – Toybox / No Idea
One Last Wish – Three Unkind Silences – Dischord
Eight Dayz – Whats So Strange About Me – New Wind
Integrity – Micha – Holy Terror / Toybox


You really liking this, Curren$y, morning vibes coutesy of Discobelle.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Disposable Income

Free mixes to download come ten a penny these days.  Whereas a painstainly-crafted mixtape could endure hundreds of revisits in the past, today's (dis)Ableton-armed spinsmith needs an hour to trawl a few blogs, juno and boomkat and voila, 60 minutes of top-quality entertainments to diffuse.

The solution to too many new things cramming up your hard-drive like cold-war space junk in the atmosphere has also arrived with today's fancy software: the podcast.  Arriving every week, a fresh selection to digest, consider, then discard, or save, if you prefer.

Some may take the format of a radio show, like the well established Global Souljah BBE Podcast presented in the bedside manner of a hypnotist by Barnawood resident and occasional collaborator James Barrie.  Others are just a straight-up club-style mix, and for having the finger on the pulse in terms of selecting the selectors, look no further than XLR8R.

Just a couple of clicks will have you subscribed to a Podcast which has featured May Ann Hobbs, Brackles, ZDS, Wireblock, Shit Robot and Kode 9 over the past six months; waiting for the XLR8R podcast reminds me of the excitement of the arrival of the Tim Westwood Show on Radio One, with surprises, exclusives and old things with new twists for to stimulate yourself wherever you may tune in.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Barcelona please support...

Four Tet in town, our mate Narwhal and the omni-present K**O...


Friday Tune...

C Shell has stepped out to lady lunch so I will take the reigns of this Friday Tune. No Garage/Lady mash-ups this week.

This one is dedicated to old friends down-under and up north. Christopher Tubbs incapacitated by a bout of the chicken pox (bit gay!). Brad Baloo on an Australian tour and some mother has stolen his laptop. We feel your pain dude! Thieving monsters! Lastly Woody, Emerald and Buzz in Manchester. This one is for you...

Goldielocks - Cold Sweat Official (Video)

The official video to 'Cold Sweat' by Goldielocks. As Part of the 'I'm Not her' EP, available from Gut Instinct Records from Feb 1st.

Big tings... Loving this.

We Was Robbed

As is normally the case in tournaments on foreign soil, the (largely) English squad, made up of myself, Dodder, Rigo Pex, Jordi, tournament MVP Taser T and a standout rookie named C-Shell were cruelly cheated out of glory in last night's Fantastic Music Quith at Bar Fantastico, Barnawood.

After taking a first half lead of nearly 10 points over our rivals, managers from our flailing competition put a lot of pressure on the referees to alter the questions in their favour.  After an unattractive second half, The Gang Of Five Plus One (as we were comically monikered hitherto) were beaten into joint second place, narrowly missing out on a bottle of wine and discount on a ski-pass.

We are far from bitter, however, and wish to congratulate the underhand lizard winners, whose name escapes me, and is of no consequence anyway.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Badness freestyle over Doc Daneeka's pathways

Always a pleasure to hear a Doc Daneeka Rework.............................

Martyn: ‘Hear Me’ (Zomby Remix) x FACT


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do Good Things

If you're the giving, think about people outside your own neighbourhood, sometimes put my head in the newspaper type, your thoughts are probably with the people in Haiti, and your charitable persuasions heading the same way.  We have some ways for you people to help up our sleeves, when we have something to offer befitting to the cause, we let you know, pretty soon too I imagine.

Meanwhile, it has come to my attention that one of my all-time favourite ensembles Portishead have put together an underwater behemoth of sour grind, backed by a lo-fi electro pulse, nothing like I would have expected from the trio, but a welcome departure nevertheless.  It is all in aid of Amnesty, a noble organisation who are some of the only people with an eye on the supressive wignuts regularly abusing their power around the world.

Portishead - Chase The Tear from Mintonfilm on Vimeo.

This track is a grower so I suggest you cop it and keep it on heavy rotation through this winter months.  You can buy it here, or you can get it for free if you join Amnesty.  Which you were after doing anyway.

One Hump Or Two?

Put Zombie Disco Squad (not pictured above) and the Detroit Grand Pubahs (pictured above) in an illegal bootleg booty blender and you may download the results on juicy high quality sound levels below:

I Never Pay For Music Give It Me Now For Free Or I Shall Throw A Hissy Fit (320kbps)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Quickfire questions... Brackles

Yeah boi! We caught up with Brackles. Someone we at Plat du Jour have ultimate respect for. 2009 was a killer year for him and 2010 aint going to hold him back too much either.

His sounds are incredible. From that amazing Lizards track back in June 2009 to the more up-to-date offerings below on Planet Mu. He will sit among the greats of this current scene and carry on pushing things forward alongside PdJ favourites like Joker, Guido, Zomby, HudMo and Mwëslee.

If you don't know this is what he sounds like, fresh flavours on Planet Mu (Oct'09)...

Who do you think you are?

A very lazy producer! (PDJ: Haha, we think not!!)

What is your current favourite record?

Zapp - Computer Love

What is the ultimate end of the night track?

Mr Fingers - Stars

Which artist gets ultimate respect right now?

Nite Jewel

What parties are showing the rest how it's done?

Numbers, Glasgow (PDJ: We do agree here though!)

What is your Plat du Jour?

H G Wells - War of Worlds

Breakage - Hard (MARTELO'S 2010 RETHINK) feat. Newham Generals and David Rodigan

This is a pretty heavy rethink of Breakage's 'Hard' by Martelo. Also features the amazing David Rodigan who is actually playing Barcelona soon. I will post details when I find them!

Akira The Don x Joey2Tits

Big props to the main man Joey2Tits and of course Akira The Don... x

The Coffee and Cigarettes of the Rock/Rap Game?

This new project warrants more description and critique in such an illustrious blog as this.

However, with little time for such musings I leave you to check out the new project by the Black Keys plus some of the heaviest hitters in the Rapp Game for yourselves!

Blakroc Project from Myrhax on Vimeo.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Tune....

I had this track on my Ministry of Sound double mixtape. It mixed into Kathy Brown 'Turn Me Out'. Makes me wish I was putting on my heather shimmer, getting ready for a night at the Royal Oak. ULITIMATE Friday tune...

And there were so many versions of it. I always thought the Spin Spin Sugar one was pretty slick...

Also, in honour of Big Brother's chubby face Dane Bowers - the Another Level version. How fit was Bobac?!

Matt Groening x ATP

Isn't this the coolest thing you ever heard. Matt Groening (The Simpsons/Futurama) is curating the Pontins ATP Festival in the UK. Amazing idea! Can't wait for this years ATP stage at Primavera also, lets hope Matt gets involved. Lets see a few things that Matt went for...

FANTASTIC!! Makes you happy thinking about it.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Taz Buckfaster - Hyphen

This is ridiculous... Great stuff from Taz Buckfaster. More soon!

Saga Africa by Radioclit

I aint afraid to say I have an unhealthy obsession with all things Radioclit, hell all things Africa I find pretty exciting right now. Add to that, that The World Cup is in about 150 days. No, wait a minute... 147 days, 1 hour, 31 minutes and 10 seconds.

Totally unrelated, Radioclit released their 'Saga Africa' EP. Must have been on the downlow or something because I seemed to have missed it (that can be the only reason! HAHA). You basically pay what you want with a minimum payment of 3.50GBP for the EP.

Radioclit pick their favorite youngster producers and let them paint their own picture of Africa. The Fader-favorite Douster, über-productive Frenchy Lazy Flow and Myd deliver a collection of dancefloor anthem and the perfect balance between African funk and heat-inducing house.

It's dope! Lets stick on and do tot-ups until the big day. BUY IT HERE C’est l’aventure, it’s Saga Africa!

Jamtech Foundation x Discobelle (Mp3 Mix)

"Jamtech Foundation is kicking off this year in strong style with a new mixtape. They got a new album coming up this year and rumours say that they might be doing something for Discobelle Records later this spring. But for now we got this kicking mixtape."

PdJ say "Respect, they are killing it!" - Another one we would have liked to play the Barna Hill Carnaval! Hot damn. Next time!


1. Rico Tubbs – Boom Tune
2. Renaissance Man – Spraycan
3. Renaissance Man – Canto Della Bootcut Rmx
4. Combat Sound – In The House ft. Kartel, Assassin, Elephant Man
5. Jamtech Foundation Vs Yellow Man – Tell It To Dem
6. Major Lazer – Pon De Floor ft. Kartel
7. Jamtech Foundation Vs Tenor Saw – Golden Hen
8. Jamtech Foundation Vs Jr Byles – Fade Away
9. Jamtech Foundation Vs The Prodigy – Out Of Space
10. Jamtech Foundation Vs Barrington Levy – Under Mi Sensi
11. Jamtech Foundation – Park The 9 ft. Voltage
12. Damian Marley & Stephen Marley – The Mission
13. Dennis Brown – The Promised Land

Theophilus London - 'Humdrum Town' (Vid)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Akrikan Boy - Lagos Town (Vid)

Yo this is ollllldddddd. Spotted it on the mighty Discobelle with no explanation. This video was made for its OFFICIAL release in March 2010. It's a top track and that kid Afrikan Boy is a legend! I take you have heard LIDL?!?!

Just in case you missed it...

Jay Electronica x Exhibit C

This tune is amazing. True hip hop gem, with production credits for Just Blaze. Brought to my attention by hip hop heavy weight Rich Goodger and rather splendid on the player. Hell I nearly put up an Mp3 but I really think it needs to be bought...

Monday, January 11, 2010


My friend Kev is a guy with occult tastes and senses of humour.

Today he has put me onto a cover-versions lounge-singer with a difference.

Well, people are already bored of Nouvelle Vague.

Reality Bites!

This video is phenomenal from beginning to end.

I've wanted to know who this MC was for a minute after hearing this vocal on a Mumdance tape.

Peep how our protagonist's dressing down at the hands of a well-known son of the British clergy is just a taste of the bizarre mix of truly threatening diatribe and hilarious farce.

It has parallels with R Kelly's Trapped In The Closet in this sense.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday song.....

For the first Friday song of 2010, I'm gonna go back, way back, to 2006. Remember this great track that managed to get loads of plays on Capital, Kiss FM et al? Great for dancing round the office.

This one goes out to the nye late night London crew. I miss you!


Animal Collective - Brother Sport

This is excellent...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meneo Present... El CIRCO (London)

Big news in London Town. Meneo unveil their marvelous El Circo featuring some rather 'out-there' sets from the Original Electropical Duo, Drums of Death, Tomb Crew, Ralp, Sativo and hosted by the unstoppable Rigo Pex with flair flicks of digital colour from Entter!

All down to Cargo on Jan 22 - IT'S FREE!

South Rakkas Crew $$ BLOW UP $$ Mad Decent

This is for real... The South Rakkas Crew just dropped their new album 'The Stimulus Package'... FOR F$*KING FREE! Show some respect. Featuring Killa Queenz, Grafton Primary, Mr Benn, Capleton, Rage, Serocee and Lei Di Dai. South Rakkas Crew aim to replenish the depleted gold music reserve and single-handedly drag everyone out to get skanky into the new decade.

These guys are some our favourite producers and we wish they could have joined the Plat du Jour crew as we celebrate Barna Hill Carnival next month at Apolo 1 in Barcelona. This is the sound though... LISTEN UP! Come join us on Feb 11 - Tomb Crew x Meneo x Heatwave x K**O x C Shell x Slick Dixx x Rigo Pex x Entter - HUGE! More soon!

Check this promo video featuring Lady Chann & Killa Queenz...

Plus a mix of the album...

Toadally Krossed Out (Mp3)

Slicker than McCartney's sappy Frog Chorus, these Toads have a hella lot more BITE! We spotted these unlikely Welsh brothers on Mad Decent in '09 and have been Toadally (sorry!) keen ever since. Read all about Toadally Krossed Out at Squeegie Sounds and don't forget to do the RIBBET!

Right click to download!

Toadally Crossed Out - Toads Theme
Buraka Som Sistema – IC19 (Toadally Krossed Out Remix)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mpulse x BLOC (Mix)

Here's a lil' something from our main man in Toulouse... IMPULSE! Star of the Chateau La Teuf crew and producing some really great mixes at the moment. Listen up!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Bok Bok x Jan '10 (Mp3 Mix)

Courtesy of his Lower End Spasm Blog... This is FRESH! check all the fresh shit from the newly formed Night Slugs label including... Mosca, Egyptrixx, Bok Bok, Kingdom and more!


01 - MR MAGEEKA - Diffrent Lekstrix [Numbers]
02 - APHRODISIAX - Unfinished Business
03 - EGYPTRIXX - The Only Way Up [Night Slugs]
04 - DVA - Natty [Hyperdub]
05 - BEEZY - Dejavoodoo (GEENEUS remix)
06 - MOSCA - Nike [Night Slugs]
07 - COOLY G - Digitally Higher
08 - GIRL UNIT - I.R.L [Night Slugs]
09 - BOK BOK - Citizens Dub ft Bubbz [Blunted Robots]
10 - BOK BOK - Hands Riddim (JAHDAN vocal)
11 - ENDGAMES - Ecstasy (JAM CITY Refix) [Night Slugs]
12 - BOK BOK - Ripe Banana VIP
13 - TERROR DANJAH - Sidechain [D.O.K Remix]
14 - MOSCA - Square One (BOK BOK Remix) [Night Slugs]
15 - UNTOLD - Bad Girls
16 - KINGDOM - Mind Reader [BOK BOK Dub] (Fool's Gold)
17 - 2562 - Love In Outer Space
18 - BAD AUTOPSY - MAG (Rare Cymbals Version)

Deadboy x FACT (Mp3 Mix) + One of 2009's Finest


PLUS ONE OF 2009'S FINEST... U Cheated

Goldielocks - Maple Flavoured Paper (Mp3)

Fresh up from Croydon's Goldielocks... You can also download it HERE!

It's along the dark / 2step vibe, one for all the smokers out there! Her new EP 'I'm Not Her' is out Feb 1st on the all new label 'Gut Instinct'.

Ross Allen's Meltdown (Mp3)

This guy is probably one of the most up-to-date music peeps in the UK. Here's what we know... While working for Island he discovered Dizzee Rascal, much to the upset of the label, no need to mention but he wasn't signed. He also was responsible for Lady Sovereign, getting her the exposure she deserved. Shame she just entered the Big Brother house! What else... Found South Rakkas Crew in Orlando, made some amazing country compilations for the now defunct Casual records and plays the GrecoRoman parties; all showing a true understanding of many genres. Now he works A&R at one of the UK's most respected... Domino Records! & that is off the top of my head.

His weekly show on Ministry of Sound Radio is called the The Meltdown and we suggest you listen up. Keep it regular if you know what's good.

The Meltdown 21st December 2009
Here's the downloads...
Hour 1
Hour 2

Vieux farka Toure - Paradise (Bigga Bush Remix)
Jeb loy Nichols -
Instramental - The Future (Skreamix)
Rivastarr - Black Mama
Baobinga - Ride It
Lenny de Ice - We Are E
Mood II Swing - All Night Long
2 Bears - Be Strong
DVA - Ganja
Mowgli - Paris To London
The Flirts - Passion
The Jones Girls - (You Got) The Right Stuff
Osunlade - Break It Down
The Alan Tew Orchestra - The Pink Panther
Gonn - Don't Need Your Lovin'
Darrell Banks - Don't Know What To Do
Eric Showboy Akaeze & His Royal Erico's - We Dey Find Money
James Brown - Soulful Christmas
16 Bit - Ford Fiesta
Debruit - Pony
RJD2 - Games You Can Win (featuring Kenna)
Knaan - 15 Minutes Away
Blak Roc feat Mos Def & Jim Jones - Ain't Nothin' Like your Hoochies Coochie
Holly Miranda - Joints
Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate - Doudou

In Punch Drunk We Trust!

When the Peverelist calls we listen! Punch Drunk's head honcho hasn't slept all Christmas... Here's why.

Shortstuff & Hyetal 'Don't Sleep'

Hyetal & Shortstuff 'Ice Cream'

"Punch Drunk launches into 2010 with colourful cuts to beat the freeze in the form of two hot collaborations from Hyetal & Shortstuff. The hyper synth frenzy of Don’t Sleep and the technicolour visions of Ice Cream have been heavily rotated by Jackmaster, Brackles, Untold, Gemmy, Ben UFO, 2562, Oneman, Starkey amongst others."

Read a little more on Hyetal in FACT and Shortstuff can be caught up with at Sonic Router.

Keep your ear to the ground for this release out on January 18th 2010 and in all good record shops. Boomkat springs to mind!

Toadally Krossed Out - Select!

The good, the bad and the...

Bonafyde Ft. Bluetooth - Ravers Anthem (remix)

Bass Kruncher - Magic Flute

Doop - Doop

Hixxy, Dougal & Gammer - Dark Skies