Wednesday, December 30, 2009

End Of Year Wig Out!

Sick of chasing wild geese every year come new year's night, me myself and James Barrie have taken matters into our own hands.

We have a place you can get to easy (if you live in Barcelona, of course), bar prices, an immense soundsystem! and cheap-ass tickets for anyone organised enough to cop them beforehand.

You'd better go to Rift in Plaça Angels if you want a piece of the action!

Bon Any a tothom!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Best Dancefloor Songs of 2009 (Je Crois)

Yes. This is to shine a little light on some of the tracks that made my 2009 such a delightful 365 days. I would like to admit to all pedants that in all likelihood, these tracks were not released this year, but their effect and presence in discoteques, bedrooms, afters and walkmans this year has been undeniable. You can download my assemblage of these tracks following the link at the bottom of the post.

  1. Delorean: 'Big Dipper'

This is an honest-to-goodness collage of the finer points of electronic music and a great deal of musical can-do, polished by a pop production that makes this record fit into almost any circumstance. I like to imagine the boys surfing around the bay of Biscay with small hats on like a latter-day version of the Banana Bunch when this comes on the player.

  1. Crystal Fighters: 'Xtatic Truth' (Renaissance Man Remix)

Strangely the Basques get another look in here. The infectious loop of the much-whooped txalaparta is spun around hypnotically for an eternity by the Renaissance Man duo before the Spanlish vocal comes in, which at once makes one feel at one with everyone whilst urging us to get by as individuals. It's quite Thatcherite but has nevertheless struck a chord with me.

  1. Radioclit: 'Divine Gosa' (Switch Remix)

This record is good for for reasons than even I care to think about. It is at once frantic and charged but retains an organic house backdrop. The rearrangements of Switch cannot be overlooked, proving that if you have a boss name like he does, it is impossible to tire of hearing it before drops.

  1. Idiotproof: 'Gorilla'

Continuing the theme of this fidget mission that seems to be the hot sound of the time, for the minute anyway, a 12” dancefloor fertilizer-based explosive on the hard-not-to-dig Made To Play label. I could have picked any tune from that stable for inclusion in the Top Ten but this one slides in as it is particularly effervescent.

  1. L-Vis 1990: 'Mr Wobble'

This man has control of everything and this EP was a joy to discover. Rarely does a record separate itself so easily from all the other latest releases in the record shop, but I was gobsmacked by this collection of barnstorming experiments in bass and time.

  1. Top Billin: 'In The Ass'

Not many people will remember the Outhere Brothers' first single from which this x-rated Baltimore crossover joint got its hook. Top Billin, however, may yet achieve a level of success of the lasting kind, as he put out gems like this on his way to remix for bigger and brighter acts than any Finn has before.

  1. Jean Nipon: 'Lost In Music'

This thing is complete anarchy. A twat to mix with, as it takes ideas of 16 bars and takes the piss out of them incessantly, the incomprehensible vocal stabs and Chicago-hell sour bass drop makes it worth it every time.

  1. Jayou: 'Zub'

This is an illustration of the ridiculous potential of dubstep. Starting as a sped up version of nineties French house, it releases into a sick bass onslaught that wouldn't be out of place at a Norweigan church-burning black metal orgy.

  1. Unknown: 'Cunt Trax 1' (Instrumental)

I have to admire this record on the principle of two aspects. Every track involves some cockney gangster film rip wittering on at someone about being a cunt, which is either self-referentially brilliant or predictably daft. Either way, I prefer without. This is both minimally ambient and an industrial-strength dub-step bomb that can only be fully appreciated by a crowd of drunk and high Sònar backpackers. Or the Scots.

  1. Limonious 'Swedish Pommak'

A complete screwball to round off the pack. When you thought you knew where everything was headed, the Scandanavians, who have been laying in the cut for a minute scheming on something dastardly, come out with a sweet serving of cult beats, at a tempo no-one was thinking about, rocking rhythms that only five people are capable of inventing and about 40 more are interested in, for now. But there's some milage in this mayhem.  

Sunday, December 27, 2009

El Gran Hangover

Right good video to distract you from your head and stomach issues.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

8 Bit Christmas Special

First of all, why call it a Christmas special and then do nothing Christmassy during the program?  Is the idea of 8-bit any more attractive over the festive season?  That aside, let me fill you in with what you probably missed at BeCool tother night.

There were three acts that we caught.  There were more on the bill but we either missed them, didn't notice them or they were wack.  And I believe that in general, it's better to say nothing than to say something negative, especially in this season of good will and mince pies.

The first was Drop 1410 who had a tremendous selection of energetic tunes which were well programmed and not too self involved, keeping us engaged for the duration despite the lack of vocals, etc.  He popped up on occasion to introduce this or that, and I was slightly disppointed to see that he was a human and not a dalek or C3P0.  He also dropped a really amusing take on early ninties eurotrance.

We were there to see Meneo, and I suppose that they were the main attraction for the most of the souls that made it up there on a school night, not for me though as I was steady on holiday by then.  There set was pretty short, it must be said, as this early gig had had its share of technical glitches, but was intense as ever, and they dropped some new material including one track that seemed to be called 'Tiger Woods Is Gay'.  Well I never.  They also done a couple of covers, which I hadn't heard before, check the video below for to see whether you would have dug.  Most people did.  Also most people were disappointed not to see the band members' members during the performance.  What can I say.  It was cold and they might not have done their profiles any favours.

The act that put the night on is a Catalan/Japanese crossbreed called Pepino.  They were a kind of 8 bit Pizzicato Five, she was more reserved and nicer to listen to, he was too wacky and is vocals did nothing for the tracks at all.  Did I say I was going to be nice?  My bad.  Their synchronised dance moves were awesome though.  And they had a bit of a penya down there that knew the tracks off by heart and whatnot.

Overall, the night was enjoyable, from the point of view of a showcase and not a night of dancing.  You had to be a real 8 bit anorak to pay attention to everything, and Meneo were easily the slickest and most entertaining 30 minutes.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Illum Sphere (Fat City) - OUT!!

Illum Sphere's Long Live the Plan EP is up and out and on sale!! HERE!! Heavy beats from the Manchester player and good to see another stand out release from the O.G. true-players... FAT CITY RECORDINGS!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Skwee Mixes: Marcus Price & Kool Dj Dust!

This one by Kool Dj Dust: Big up Skweee mixxx

..and then this one by Marcus Price: Metropol skwee mix del 2

These two mixes and the Guido mix for FACT is the BEEEST right now, keep them as my ringtone on my beepa fo life!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christopher Tubbs - HEADS DOWN RADIO (Mp3)

Heads Down Radio with Christopher Tubbs (December '09) by cmjct

1. The XX 'Basic Space' (Jamie XX Space Bass Mix)(Young Turks)
2. Nite Jewel 'What Did He Say' (Italians Do It Better)
3. Amaziah 'Slowly' (Claremont 56)
4. Prince Language 'Nah, That's Hot Man' (Editions Disco)
5. Linkwood 'Falling' (Prime Numbers)
6. Desire 'Under Your Spell' (Italians Do It Better)
7. Sly & Robbie 'Super Thruster' (Claremont 56)
8. Beulah Heights 'Butterfly' (Beulah Heights)
9. Red Rack'em 'In Love Again' (Untracked)
10. Jamie Principle 'Baby Wants To Ride' (Ron Hardy Edit)(White)
11. Zwicker 'I Get My Kicks At Night' (Lexx Dub)(Compost Black)
12. Stereo Image 'Your Collapsed State' (FMJ)

Christopher Tubbs is a DJ, producer, label consultant and record label owner. His productions as Tubbs and Atlantic Conveyor have resulted in strong support from luminaries such as Gilles Peterson, Mark Ronson and Groove Armada.

Christopher is well known for his Discolexia parties in London and Ibiza - they’re part of a DJing schedule that takes him all over the world.

More recently he has been strengthening his ties to the art and fashion world, playing parties for Comme Des Garçons in Paris, the Chanel/Canon anniversary celebrations in Monte Carlo and The Faile Exhibition in London - to name a few.

His sound is cutting edge: nouveau disco, post-punk, electroboogie, house and even into the world of techno - music for both dance connoisseurs and full-scale party-rocking.

It's his passion for hunting down new music and hidden treasures that has led him to being asked to broadcast the 6 Mix for BBC 6 Music in the new year. Other 6 Mix DJ's on rotation include Andy Weatherall, Derrick May and Erol Alkan. Watch this space for dates and details!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Post-Brunch Anti-Cranberries Antidote Number 4 or 5

Not only is the original the saddest song you could ever imagine dancing to...

...I just found the bomb country cover version.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Guido x FACT x Essential (Mp3)


"Guido's most recent single release, 'Beautiful Complication', finds him striking out on his own and arguably eclipsing his more famous friends."

"Amounting to one of the most joyous and satisfying FACT Mixes of 2009. Essential downloading."


Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm Backkkk

Tanto in Barcelona como with part Deux of the DJ Slick Dixx bio and 40oz backpack mixtape of the season, 'Hycote Highlights'.  Find the second part of this gripping saga and plus the tracklist of this bedroom beats extravaganza herrrre.


Trouble Vision x Dirty Canvas (Mp3)

This mix is off the scizzle!! Mr Martelo on DUTY!! Download HERE from Soundcloud.

All to promote another shit hot line-up in London Town.

Sinden x Heartless Crew x Newham Generals & DJ Tubby (Live) x Martelo x Terror Danjah x Brackles x Hot City x The Heatwave x Alex Nut x Magic x Reecha x Solid Gold & Park Ranger x Oli DAB & Robin x Hylu & Jago x Hesseltime

All in one night!! I have tears running down my face as I write!

I'm Goin' Wit' You (feat Om'Mas Keith) - Debruit
I'm Goin' Wit' You (feat Om'Mas Keith - Octa Push remix) - Debruit
Sabacco - Quarta 330
Hate 2 Love U - MarchMellow
Show Kuduro A Badman Place (Martelo Blend) - Nilcaps x Mavado & Busy Signal
Chupchik (Chupchik feat. Kein Vorspiel) - Schlachthofbronx
Chestboxing (Benga Remix) - Skream
Unknown (Craig Walsh Remix) - Dev79
Cool & Humble (Untold Remix) - Dark Angel
Video Phone (Instrumental) - Beyonce
Rap Dis (U Can't Stop Dis S**t) [Instrumental] - Oxide And Neutrino
2nd Best [feat. Dino] (Shut Up and Dance Remix) - Cherise
Go DJ - Jammin'
Tonka (Menta Remix) - Dj Zinc
Hold The Havoc - Menta x Major Lazer
No Sleep (Martelo Re-Edit) - Hervé
Woodblock - LD
Down On Me - Wookie
Pathways (Doc Daneeka Remix) - Digital Mystikz
Dis Boy PT4 - Cooly G
Bangkok (Roska Remix) - Boris Dlugosch
As I feat. Katy B - Geeneus
Set Me Free (Zombie Disco Squad remix) - Drop The Lime
Day in the Life (L-Vis 1990 Dub remix) - Beezy
Untitled (DÅM FREAK??) - Martelo
I Love London (Brackles Remix) - Crystal Fighters

Come home Slick Dixx...

Your trips away need to be shorter... This one is for you, I know you'll love it! Riton & Seiji - Computer Juice.

TVB - Interview

Yours Truly Presents: The Very Best from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Spain's most popular music blog posts up an exclusive mix to Spain's most exciting new artist!

Say no more... Check it all at the hugely influential... DESPARRAMEEEE

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I got the following from the ALT RMX project... Gucci Mane - Photoshoot (Flying Lotus Remix), Cee-Lo - Hello Miss (Armani XXXChange remix) & Lil Jon Ft. Kee - Give It All You Got (Drums of Death remix) but there's a load to have a listen to and download.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Savage Skulls and Andy Milonakis!

Swedish mash up! This guy came for some syrup last night with a bit of a cold...thing was he had a pet-bottle with some syrup from some other friend... Collecting the sissuuurp!


Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday tune...


Jamtech Foundation (Mp3)

Saw this courtesy of Mr Paul Devro, amazing Jamaican joint from the Swedish Jamtech Foundation... Really worth a listen and keeping an eye out for their new LP! It's out NOW! Download 'Park the 9 Ft. Voltage' HERE.

Erol Alkan & Boys Noize - Waves (Chilly Gonzales Piano Remake)

This is weirdly amazing...

New Chromeo - Night by Night...

If you have never seen these guys play live... YOU HAVE TO!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hot Chip & Peter Gabriel (Mp3)

"...and it feels so unnatural, to sing your own name." - Brilliant.

The Very Best x Theophilus London (Mp3)

Maybe my two favourite artists at the moment... Together!
Theophilus London & The Very Best... SHEEEEIIITTT!
Get on the download action HERE!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009