Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekly Weekend Wig Out Of The Week!

If you haven't yet, then you owe it to yourself.  The Italians responsible for re-inventing the enormous breaks and drops with death-defying compression with a shameless sense of fun, Crookers are just about the hottest double act on our scene and have been for a minute.  All enormous acts and labels want a remix, to which they duly oblige, but it's their own productions that sets the musos' heads spinning round and round.

Tonight they will see you get spangled in The Loft At Razz, a space perfectly designed for the magnitude of their off-key vision and stomp.  For to get your pulse racing:

N.B: The girl pictured may not be there.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sonar 2010... LOOKS FRESH!


The Chemical Brothers, Air, LCD Soundsystem, Plastikman, Jónsi, Dizzee Rascal, 2manydjs, Booka Shade, Hot Chip, Fuck Buttons, Aeroplane, King Midas Sound, Broadcast, The Sugarhill Gang, Matthew Herbert's One Club, Flying Lotus, Pete Tong, Joy Orbison, Zomby, Roska, Necro Deathmort, Mary Anne Hobbs, David M, John Talabot, Bradien, Speech Debelle, Emilio José, Uffie, Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu, Hudson Mohawke, Carte Blanche (DJ Mehdi & Riton), Nosaj Thing Visual Show, Delorean, The Pinker Tones, Noaipre, Sandwell District, bRUNA, Bomba Estéreo, Cora Novoa, Cluster, Mike Slott, BCN 216 + Tristan Perich, Bflecha, The Slew featuring Kid Koala, Eclair Fifi & John Computer, Machinedrum, American Men, The Blessings, Elektro Guzzi, Zigmat, dp-S, Lesley Flanigan, BCN216 + Cristian Vogel, Robot Koch, Larytta, Round Table Knights, Goldielocks, Tim and Puma Mimi - MORE TO COME!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who the hell is Julio Bashmore?!

So this guy makes it onto the new 'Elevator Music' mix from Fabric, great mix btw. So it begins. The name resonates around as these things do. Ping ping. Bristol to Malmo to Stockholm and there it ends. I'm on the blower to the mighty DJ Niceness from Jamtech Foundation and he's saying you heard of Julio Bashmore right?! Well I have now, I say.

This fella is top! Bristol bred and on Dirtybird Records, something in the cider in them parts.

This lil' track made it on the Fabric mix...

Plus here's another, a remix of his, for good measure...

I'm just this ball rolling. Ye hear! Take a look at his myspace. There is something of a teaser from dem Jamtech boys.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Toddla T!

Interview: Jubilee

I listen to a shit load of DJ mixes on my travels around Barnawood, from my MP3 device through the ear goggles, directly to my mental. I have high standards and no patience to a DJ needs to work it hard to keep my attention or they're getting banished to the realm of number of plays: 1. Without a shadow of a doubt, the best hour of music I have heard this year comes from Jessica Gentile aka Jubilee, who recently put a thoroughly entertaining hour of bangers together for XLR8R.

A native of South Florida, Jubilee (whose name comes from the spritely X Men character) now resides in New York, where we can only imagine how it goes down, until we save up enough to go see for ourselves. I reckon the combination of Miami Bass and New York Everything must be a tremendous influence, but her tastes and setlests are delightfully varied without being cheap, and tight without being soulless. People the webite for mixes, flicks, etc etc. Peep the wee interview below for an idea of what a gwan with Jubilee right now.

What is your current favourite record?
Right now my favorite record is Zinc featuring Ms. Dynamite-Wile Out. Can't get enough of it.

I am really into sexy music in the clubs right now. and anything with a hard bassline. I play alot of Lil Silva's stuff, Roska's stuff, stuff from my label (Nightshifters), Some of the Ghetto Division's music. Music from Bersa DIscos. Really all over the map.

At home I have been listening to rap music.
What is the ultimate end of the night track?

Ultimate? Joy Orbison- Hyph Mngo still does it for me. Epic

Which artist gets ultimate Jubilee respect right now?

Untold. So good. Perfect even

I just saw TRG play at the Unsound festival and it was amazing. Can't wait to see more. Also Redlight. I wouldn't exactly say he is "new" but his upcoming music is top notch and definitely a new sound.

What parties are showing the rest how it's done?

Right now in New York I can safely say that Flashing Lights, my monthly, with Ayres and Catchdubs is a big one as well as Trouble and Bass, Fixed and I will always love Dubwar.

Tormenta Tropical in San Fransisico is definitely one of the best parties in the US. Cumbia Crunk forever. Such a diverse crowd and really open to anything. So much fun.
What is your Plat du Jour?

Really into the new single by The Dream right now. Nicky Minaj, Gucci Mane.

As far as activities go I try and go running on a daily basis, it's good for my brain and body. And I am really busy and travel alot so good quality time drinking a glass of wine with my close friends...and a nice dinner is always good.

Foods I love: oreo cookies, olives,pickles, mushrooms and bacon (not all together...or maybe...Never tried it. hmmmm.

Cheers Jubes. Can I call you that? No? My Bad.

To check Jubilee's first release, which is a YouTube smash, for what it's worth:

...and keep your eyes open for a possible Euro Trip in the future.

Warrior One Ft. Jimmy Cliff (Vid)

We like this...

Desparrame drop fresh BFlecha (Mp3)

Desparrame have dropped it like it's hot!! Check this. Lloyd Ft. Lil Wayne and remixed by our BFLecha! We love her. Making moves.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekly Weekend Wig Out Of The Week!

Okay this will be a quick heads up for all of you goons skiving the last office hours of the week away thinking of what mischief you can get yourself into in the next two days before it starts all over again.

Re-edit disco tape DJ Hacienda legend king Greg Wilson is IN TOWN.  The publicity shot above is no publicity shot.  This man DJs in the way that God intended: reel to reel, his own re-edits, bumping dance music all night long at BeCool, which is rapidly coming the preferred weekend wig out of Barnawood's most discerning club fiend.

You don't have much time to prepare yourself, as the jump-off is tonight, but go see this North-Western style masteer in action on a whim and you will be transported away from your mundane existance to a carefree pre-AIDS world of sinsethesia and joy.  If only for a few hours.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

ZZK & Poirier (Mp3)

The collaboration between ZZK and Ghislain Poirier began as other ZZK artists were en route to Coachella during last year’s North American tour. At coffee one day, Poirier described his new track, called “Kalima Shop Titi,” about the priest from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom to El G, ZZK’s manager and resident DJ. “Las Americas V.1” was born.

Now, South America’s most futuristic record label is expanding its sound, vision, and synchronicity with like-minded producers from around the world, 2010 version. You’ve heard people talking about World Music 2.0, Nu Whirled Music, Global Gettotech and other terms describing where urban bass music is headed. “Las Americas V.1” is your chance to experience it in all its cross-cultural glory.

This EP will also have a special edition vinyl coming out in the following weeks.

Click here to download - Poirier - Kalima Shop Titi (feat. Boogat) (Lagartijeando Remix)!

Poirier ft. Boogat - Kalima Shop Titi
Poirier ft. Boogat - Kalima Shop Titi (Uproot Andy Remix)
Poirier ft. Boogat - Kalima Shop Titi (El Remolón Remix)
Poirier ft. Boogat - Kalima Shop Titi (Lagartijeando Remix)
Poirier ft. Boogat - Kalima Shop Titi (Douster Remix)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Flosstradamus x Valentines Day (Mix)

Two days late like any good Valentines present... This is a wicked mix. For those jumping around the house moments when you're getting ready. I don't do that obviously! Flosstradamus still holding it down.

Download it here. Flosstradamus x Valentines Day

Building Blocks Of Our Society

I have never been a beat junkie / sample spotter type, maybe in the future i can look forward to listening to music with analytic intensity and not so much raving.

The immensity and relevance of the 'Amen Brother' break to hip-hop, rave, jungle and ragga is astounding, and this deadpan documentary about these six seconds of frantic drumming explores the history of the loop, breaking down its application and giving key examples of use.

Thanks to Gavin for the heads up on this.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Eric B. & Rakim Vs 90s NBA

A wave of nostalgia swept through Dr Dou this morning, recalling the days where the worlds of quality design, earthy hip-hop and short-shorted basketball met in a video that featured Biggie, Wrecks-N-Effect, Steeley Dan(!), Bel Biv Devoe and this banger from Eric B. & Rakim.

I could not imagine how many times I watched this video as an awkward undertall power forward, but the seriousness on my face in the team flick below can only hint at how serious i took the game.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's A Demo

Occasionally real-life demos find their way into my underground laboratory and they are listened to with great interest for literally anything could be contained within.  These tactile objects often feature artwork to entice one's eyes to the project and and audio flexing of programming skills divided into several tracks.

I can find no better picture of Fitzroy North than the one above.  He is a northern man of quiet demeanour and sensitive ear, and whose well-crafted output ranges from an electro stomp to a sleazy French skip to a Scottish techno canter.  My personal favourite is a pensive and warming tech-step that can be appreciated below.

 4. Xibeca ..  by  fitzroy north

Thursday, February 11, 2010

DJ Slick Dixx and Taser T Got The Sub To Get You Loose For Later!

 Djab-la Fouye Twou-li/The Message Is Love  by  djslickdixx

Wild Weekend Wig-Out Of The Week Self-Trumpet Blow Part Two

Once again, we happen to be involved in the weekend's hottest throwdown.  What a co-incidink!  

Whereas we played second fiddle to the techno crowd at last week's Haiti do (raising €4K in the process!), tonite it's all about us and the phenomenal line-up assembled on a shoestring.

Yes yes, tonight sees the triumphant return of the Tomb Crew lot, after playing PDJ a couple of years ago have come on leaps and bounds and are getting love from everyone from Crookers to Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, touring tirelessly in the process.

Also on the glorious Apolo stage will be long-time collaborators and guaranteed mayhem-bringers Meneo, Notting Hill Carnival stalwarts Heatwave, and your Pig Lovering residents, K**O, C-Shell and me.  

Rigo Pex will be gluing it all together with his tropical quips with the Mighty Entter on the vizzy vizzy.  It's totally free before 1 for e'ryone, free before 2 if you got the flyer (there's plenty left in Holala still I think) and well, we can't make it any easier for you.  

I have never been to Notting Hill Carnival, nor the Catholic celebrations that they have over here, but we are sure to show them all up this very evening.  I cannae wait.

Like Sam Fox and Freddie Starr....

This is a beautiful combination. Both DJ Zinc and Ms Dynamite are on fire right now. I'm still reeling from the greatness of dynamite-ee-hee's 'Bad Gyal' and the Skream remix of DJ Zinc's 'Killa Sound' lives up to its name and then some. Here the two bring a dancefloor classic in the making...

Expect to hear this on the Barna Hill Soundsystem tonight at Apolo. WILE OUT!x

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dirty Canvas x ThePop.Com (Mix)

Our mate Reecha (Dirty Canvas, UK) has been at it again! This is a mix he did for - If there is one thing we know about the Dirty Canvas crew, it's that they are on the ball. Have a listen, get up to date! Get educated.

Or available to stream on MIX CLOUD HERE

Randomer + Fife - Too Many Times
Deadboy - If U Want Me
Motor City Drum Ensemble - Unknown
Booker T - Bizzy's Party
C.R.S.T - Revisit
Gregor Salto - Just For Fun
C.R.S.T - Good Love - Dok Daneeka Remix
Geeneus - Ultrafunkula
Bok Bok - Citizens Dub
Roy Davis Jr - I Have A Vision - Todd Edwards Dub
Brackles - 6am El Gordos
Menta - Sounds Of Da Future - Refix
Terror Danjah - Bi Polar
Jg V Soultronic - The Flying Saucer
Dj Eastwood - U'Re Not Ready - Untold Remix
Rude Kid & Terror Danjah - Best Crawler
Src - Quaterback Circle
Harmonimix - A Mile

Monday, February 8, 2010

Illum Sphere x Agent White

Fresh lil joint from Manchester's Illum Sphere. His 'Long Live the Plan' EP is out Feb 18th on Fat City and on the 28th he enters the Celebrity Big Brother House of electronic tomfoolery; the mighty Red Bull Music Academy.

Download Illum Sphere's Agent White HERE!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Flying Lotus x Thom Yorke

Big news from FlyLo. He talks of finally getting to the point where he can make the kind of albums he dreams of! Shit, this must be good. This new offering I am sure will be next level and with guests like Ravi Coltrane and Thom Yorke things is look good. Read more on Pitchfork.

This is what the tracklisting looks like...


01 Clock Catcher
02 Pickled!
03 Nose Art
04 Intro//A Cosmic Drama
05 Zodiac Shit
06 Computer Face//Pure Being
07 ...And the World Laughs With You [ft. Thom Yorke]
08 Arkestry
09 Mmmhmm [ft.Thundercat]
10 Do the Astral Plane
11 Satelllliiiiiteee
12 German Haircut
13 Recoiled
14 Dance Of the Pseudo Nymph
15 Drips//Auntie's Harp
16 Table Tennis [ft. Laura Darlington]
17 Galaxy in Janaki

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wild Weekend Wig-Out Of The Week Self-Trumpet Blow

Welcome to your second weekend warning concerning what to do when the Barnawood weekend gets going.  This week, we'll be objectively offering advice with one eye on our own interests, possibly not for the last time, and another more empathetic eye on our brethren who have been on the wrong end of a good argument for the non-existence of God.

Yessir, this weekend me myself Slick Dee Dee, C Shell, K**O and Ho$oI will grace the upstairs of Espais Actuals, a spot oft-referred to but rarely frequented, of questionable legitimacy and undoubted promise, all night long.

Headlining the basement zone will be Javi Verdes, figurehead of Verdes Records, veteran of most of the city's most important music festivals and selector of a wide range of well-woven world electronic and organic dance stuffs.

To switch things up the bill also features the deep tech sensations of Jose Lucker & Alex G, the moody beeps and bloops of Gersound, Ivan Escura's minimal notions and last but not last the feminine movements of Nuria Ghia.

You need know little more, other than the essential logistical info, which is right here, and that you have to come because so far you haven't done anything for the cause.

Me and Taser T are putting the finishing touches on a charity single that may very well be ready for the night and all.

Taz Buckfaster x Gold Tooth Grin

This is the tune of the week for sure... Making noises up-Scot-side for the unstoppable Numbers on this occasion, out very very soon, just on the mastering - Taz Buckfaster's Gold Tooth Grin!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kingdom x Mindreader - Fool's Gold (L-Vis 1990 Remix)

We mentioned last week to watch out... Well here it finally is. Kingdom's 'Mindreader' Ft. Shyvonne and we have an exclusive L-Vis 1990 remix for your ears! HERE.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Arkestra presenta...

Sometimes do you wish you lived in Vigo...? JODER!! Arkestra will lead us.