Thursday, July 28, 2011

Semi PDJ Reunion Tonight!

I ♥ DUBSTEP from The RGB Corp on Vimeo.

Tonight me and Mr. Bricks aka Ominous K are back in the booth in a special UK Funk room in the Rex, freshly equipped with a Function One soundsystem and extra crazy spacelights.

Those with a flyer, or even an image of the flyer on they mobile, will find theyselves in the place to be for free, before 02.30 like, to see a stellar collection of dutty bassists like Fitzroy North, Primate of the Year & Bella Boo, who complete our line-up.

Of course, being Razz, there's no half measures, and the main room (thankfully free of teeny-boppers on a Thursday) will be headed by the sounds of Hatcha.

See you inside.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

108 Is Great

How can anyone not like this feminine force of nature?  She's half Catalan you know.  Here's what her latest single would sound like without that oaf Pitbull on it, slowed down in the Moombahpop style.  Baila.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Re-Editing Past Glories

Here's some light refreshment for hott summer afternoons.  A great moment in folk history electronically manipulated for the modern DJ who likes their bpm at 108 and their public singing.

 Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard (Slick D. Edit) by Slick Dixxx

Monday, July 4, 2011

Zodiac K.I.M. in the Tropic of Cancer

It gets hottt.  The only way to celebrate the coming of the weekend is under the stars, by the water, even better if it's a celebratory time of year for a special few folk.

Yessum, if you're down with Cancer Kings & Queens Rigo Pex, The Barna Flea Market's Natu Perez or  The Art Game's Miss Van, then come and wig out with us at the usual spot on top of town.

As always, we have the zenith of autochthonous talent behind the music, namely The Itchy N Scratchy Show, Meneo, Slick D and a first Zodiac appearance for Ferran Capo.

The sound and dress policy is hard tropical, those enhancing the ambience in this way will be rewarded with booty and spices the likes of which have never before been regaled with such abandon.

Sunday morning you will have the likes of this selection ringing in your ears as you be sipping your Bloody Maria to get over your hangover:


 Cardopusher - Damelo by cardopusher

 Mumdance - Smasher by mumdance

 GoGoTon feat Vybz Kartel & Rhyno - Jacky Murda by JackyMurda

 Ikonika - KaKa by Ikonika

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Producer: No I.D

Producer No I.D. makes another massive beat here. Not to forget he aka the godfather of Chicago hiphop. He made resurrection that put Common on the map back in the days and introduced Kanye West to hiphop. The list of tracks he made is inmense, he worked with Dug infinite, Alicia Keys n Jay Z to mention some. From great jazzinfluenced boombap to new stuff like this here track by Big Sean.

Fate or Destiny (Instrumental)

You're wrong (instrumental)

Check this classic video. I can't say I like common nowadays though...too much rnb.