Friday, February 13, 2009

A-Trak Vs. Nike - Bullshit...

Can you believe this, pure shit!! A-Trak. Are we meant to believe you did this from your love of running? No offense, you don't look like a runner! You've been pimped man. Officially. Nike Run++++++ - buy me now - there's air in the sole you know - iPod velcro'd to your bell-end that beeps quicker when you "hit the wall". I can imagine the marketing meeting. Sick of this shit!!

1 comment:

  1. shit yo, i completely disagree. although the mix isn't that great I don't think he's been pimped.. i think its almost the other way around.

    trizzy made some beats, mixed them up, and had his agent pitch that to nike. i'm sure he's getting fresh kicks for free for a good 5 years.

    the lcd soundsystem nike mix is absolutely amazing, don't nap.