Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yo, come follow me!! What's the definition of a real Frenchie!?

K-os said it (...kind of)!!

We just remixed it, replaced MC with Frenchie and voila!

We just got to tell you about this.

It might not be unbelievable to hear but the French contingent over here might just be embarrassing a few of the Spaniards at their own game. The 'Menu Del Dia' (Menu of the Day) usually means that even the best restaurants in town produce a cheap lunch menu so unimaginative you would question whether the chef is really the same guy doing the 30€+ offerings that same evening. If you can't make it good for the price, don't do it. I aint kidding!

In one year of living in Barcelona I have had two Menu del Dias that I have actually enjoyed. The first at El Lobo and the second is the unstoppable French crew at Au Port De La Lune (If BASS were food, they is serving FlyLo!).

Our crew just calls it 'The French Restaurant' and it's ridiculous. 15€ took me through a smoked mackerel ceviche with new potatoes and red onions, top quality rare steak (...and the chef only does rare, Frenchies, brilliant!) with an unstoppable potato puree, caramelised onions and some freshly sauteed mushrooms (not that 'sitting around the kitchen watery crap' the rest of the mugs are serving). Last up a selection of 3 cheeses served at the perfect temperature, I mean, they walked to the table and introduced themselves. All washed down with red wine, an espresso plus they gave me a fresh oyster from La Boqueria next door! I'll say it again, Ridiculous.

Certainly the best lunch experience I have had in BCN. Please Please go down and check it. 12€ on weekdays and 15€ on Saturday. The waitress was amazing too, I mean, she acted out duck pate for christs sake!!

Reet good... Au Port De La Lune

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  1. motherofgod that sounds good! You should be a food critic that sounded so good