Friday, September 25, 2009

Mwëslee & Terry Lynn... BCN make it good!!

BAM mother fuckers. That is the word on these streets. Saturday night in Barcelona sees one of Spains true beat making stars, Mwëslee, play at the Forum as part of La Mercé/BAM. Later that same evening the mighty Terry Lynn drops Kingston Logic all over the sea front.

I wish they would be a bit nicer to them pigs!! That aint acorn-fed-free-range.

Hold fire. I will find some Mwëslee mixes for you. They are dOpE. More soooon.

Here is one for starters! Mwëslee Vs. Chelis.

Slugabed - Superphreak - Stuff
Cupp Cave - Metal Max - CDR
Joker - Untitled RSN - Tectonic
Bflecha - Ceja De Carnival - Arkestra
Rustie - Clipper - Stuff
Markis Sage - Two City Clash - Temporarily Morons
Sprutbass - Ulykke - Dop Pop
Kaspar vs Jackzen - Why Deny? (Mweslee Rmx) - CDR
Rekordah - Butternut - CDR
Joxaren - Lihop - Hrmonia
Eskmo - I Dream I'm Flying - Ancestor
Various Production - Hater - Various
Tiago - Babel Fish - CDR
Hybakusha - Gameboy Lover - Lo Fi Funk
Joker & Ginz - Purple City - Kapsize
Adele - Chasing Pavements (Various Productions Rmx) - Various
Bflecha - Kosmic Lovers - Arkestra
Neil Landstrumm - The Race - Stuff
Cassie - Official Girl (Instrumental) - Bad Boy
Wankers United - La Moulette Encante - Ramp
The Clonious - Emora (Dorian Concept Rmx) - Ubiquity
Joker - Snake Eater - Soul Motive
Teror Danjah - Zumpi Huntah (Swindle Rmx) - After Shock
DVA - Bullet A Go Fly - Keysound
Gemmy - Supligen - Planet Mu
Rod Lee - Let Me See What You Workin With (Rustie RMX) - Dress 2 Sweat

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  1. That slaughterhouse beat is literally of the hook.