Monday, September 21, 2009

Squire of Gothos

I'm not saying that Sheffield produces the best musicians in the world. I'm saying that the steel city produces the best musicians in the universe. Despite their appearances.

Squire of Gothos is the sound of 'dubstep but with less nerds and harder drugs,' or better 'hitting a woman copper in the face with a crow-bar (sic). Their name is adopted from a Star Trek character, but that's where the geek shit ends. This duo produce psychadelic baselines over 808 rave drums and obscure frantic samples to create a near apocolyptic soundscape of mayhem and release.

Here you have a free gift download that they may or may not be pleased about you having. I blame Club Bass and Wine who consistently be digging up the dope tunes and mixes for your ears.

Squire of Gothos: 'Bounty Ice Cream'

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