Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wild Weekly Weekend Wig Out Of The Week!

...would have been Green Velvet last night, but the PDJ squad were all tied up and also that would have meant two weeks on the trot at Razz and that wouldn't have been fair really.  Razz already have a stranglehold on Barnawood's clubbing scene so let's spread the love round.

So this week's Wig Out involves another kind of green velvet: smoking smelly sticky-icky Indo-Chinese green velvet!  That's right: The Chronic 2001, 2010 style!  Yes, roll it up, pass it up and smoke it out with DJ Slick Dixx and Taser T on the remix detail, especially prepared for the modern clubber with the west-coast background.

That club blunt is al ready for your listening and downloading delights on my soundcloud, which may very well appear beneath the artwork.

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