Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weekend Weekly Wild Week Wig Out

This is a bit of a curveball but aside from your other wig-outs this weekend, get your wig around this event.

Saturday April 17th is Record Store Day.  This years' patron is Queens of the Stone Age uber-ginge Josh Homme, who has provided this footage to promote the event:

This thing got up and rolling in 2007 at independent shops in the US, and is now linked with some shops in the UK too.  Expect Spain to catch on in about 2087.  Anyway, various special events take place in record shops all about the place, including the usual DJs, corn dogs, body painting and limited edition pressing release party jump-off wig-outs that hairy backpackers can dream up to encourage outsiders into their musty lairs on a Saturday afternoon.

This weekend, I say, forget about an MP3 and go and cop yourself a real-life tactile piece of music from a shop around your way, regardless of if they even know about this special day.  When that moody twat condecendingly hands you your change you can shed him some light on the occasion and maybe he'll be better prepared for next year, saving the soul of the industry in the process.

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