Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weekly West-Country Weekend Wig Out Of The Week!

So Razz seem to be trying to muscle in on the bass game los jueves, with a few quality city nights attracted by the reliable management and familiar setting, including dubstep juggernauts B.Low.

I feel embarrassed to say that I have yet to darken their door, but tonight the duck shall be boken as we go and represent for the team, with the soundtrack provided by a Punch Drunk upstart who goes by the name of Peverelist.

Those familiar with Guido will already have an idea of which way the night is headed, luxurious textures and post-Armageddon basslines order of the day, and enough organic percussion to keep the dancefloor rolling along.

This is nothing frantic, all about the craft and the mood, just what I personally am after after the last few weeks.  Reach!

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