Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Flow Festival 2010

A succesfull festival with a record of visitors 50000! Held in the oustkirts of Helsinki next to a harbour in an beautiful old gas factory. Great place, amazing people and what a line up!
We got bashed both days and started of early with the free beers, luckely we saw some of them big names...On friday Bella Boo was doing a set in a smaller tent held by Diesel U Music were the last hour was bass filled madness which seems to work just fine in Finland, after that off to see Big Boi and his massive show, his voice was crystal clear and the tracks sounded amazing!!! Then a pit stop at the Champagne tent (whatafuck??) where a friend invited us a bottle for getting him a free pass! All Love!
Stumbling on to Magnetic Man: WoW ! Nuff said, the light show they create with that cube is maaad, The whole crowd jumping. A big moment was when the crowd began to do a slow dubstep clap, whithout any instructions the whole crowd clapped simultaniously!!! Benga got emotional, he said WoW..he couldn't believe it, no one could, one of the highlights of the festival no doubt. I Need Air is huge, no discussion..all in all a killer show, here is a little snippet I recorded:

Recommended mix by Magnetic Man Essential Mix Radio 1

Saturday, hungover but not that heavy headed cause we managed to stay out of them vodka shots, started of with an amazing steak from a steakhouse close to our hotel (also amazing:), a bottle of vino and we were back inside. Henrik Hauschildt startet the evening with a hard set from hell and there we were drinking too much way before everyone else. After this we went to se Robyn, a swedish classic. She was really cool and made a great show, I have never seen her live and actually never really liked her music, to much pop and whatnot but her stage presence and energy just made us all melt!!! Amazing stuff not like M.I.A. who sucked big time, she thinks to much of her self and belives she is some sort of a rockstar...She sounded like an angry ennoying teen and it didn't help that she got behind the decks randomly...awfull. She even did some form of planned stage dive with a fucking ramp to jump off! How rock is that??? Naaa she was worthless...never again, her thing was more of a small Dj-set not suited for a main stage...
Anyways of to Joker and Nomad with a two hour set, big! Them two where drunk and had a god party themselves, haha they got the bottle out to the crowd, shit was real! I was amazed by the crowd, all jumping from beginning to end! The set was mayhem, classic tunes with more melody to more violent headcrushers!
Diplo was playing after and Joker asked " where is Diplo ?" Nomads response " Ah, he is backstage having a wank" hahah ... madness. We left as soon as Joker finished, why is Diplo playing AFTER Joker and not before anyways...haha!! To get a feel here is Nomads own recording of the party!

All in all we missed a lot of them big names but it was one of the best city festivals I've been to! Thank you FLOW! See you next time!

Check more videos and get mor info here: Flowfestival!!


  1. That is real journalism right there

  2. ;) Still buzzing I must say : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqXjxjxWhno&feature=related