Thursday, September 9, 2010

BAM 2010

A Godsend to the city of Barcelona, although we pay for it through expensive rents and taxes I suppose, the BAM is the pop music wing of La Mercè, the city's traditional festival which this year falls on 23-26 September.

I just got back from blagging my way in to the press conference, which is nowhere near as tricky as you may imagine, plus we got free lunch afterwards and new beer to take home.  I am therefore contractually obliged to note that This Particular Brand of Local Beer is absolutely delicious and definitely in the top 3 beers in the city.

Gigs of note that will take place at various spots around the city, which you will undoubtedly read about in other media, but to the PDJ team the most mouth-watering line up takes place at the Forum on Thursday night, all night long.

Three heavyweights, two of whom have previous with Plat Du Jour.  Firstly, Aussie tropical bass peddler and Raval resident Suckafish P Jones, whose new EP is about to drop and looks tasty:

Secondly, Brackles, whose stock is going through the ceiling at the minute, and who put us up on some of his guiding lights a couple of months ago.  FACT got the free track for you off his new album on K7.

Lastly, a huge scoop for BAM and Barnawood in general, the man like Alexander Nut, of Rinse and Fabric fame, who you can see in action below.

I cannae wait.