Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Long Overdue Food Post

Menus del dia in Barna promise much and often deliver at least enough to fill you up until 8pm, or whenever hardworking office types finish in Spain.  Quality and variety are another story, however, especially in the less-than-a-tenner bracket.  I have to say that there isn't any resto serving Mediterranean stuffs that I could wholeheartedly recommend to a discerning friend or well-wisher.

In any city, no matter how long you are there, gems remain to be discovered.  This has been the case with today's outing to Gracia and Sureny.  Sitting in the corner of Pl. Revolució at the bottom of C/Verdi, this spot came recommended by a couple with a sensitive set of tastebuds, having lived in Paris and all.

I stepped all up in the square and spotted the spot.  A pair of pairs occupying a pair of chairs but plenty of room nevertheless.  Met with pals and sat down.

Still enjoying the late summer sun, we went for white wines all round.  Verdejo.  Nice one.  Starters: Mini butterbeans with salt cod and tomatoes (not pictured), feta, peach and mixed-leaf salad.  All light, flavoursome, not too much nor little.

This was all still getting polished off when seconds appear.  I'm not too uptight so no pasa nada.  Good thick bonito steak on slow cooked courgette, leek and mushroom.  Breaded deep-fried brie with red fruit compote and fresh tomato side for the vegetarians.

Desserts all sounded good to, so we went for one of each.  Cheesecake, thick chocolate mousse with generous manderine head or blackberry terrine.  Everyone wanting to try everyone's last morsels.

The single best value dinner I've had in five years in Barna.  €9.99 each, and they nearly undercharged us.  Get stuck in.

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