Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Bash out at "We Love Bass" 10th anniversary!

The bashemt was at the 10 year anniversary of "We Love Bass"!!! Blasting out madness on the Function 1 speakers was: Marcus Price, Juuso n Max Peezay, Stockholm Syndromet, Shitxfaced, Gena & Kreecha, Limbz and Cicci Moon

Marcus Price n Carli's new track "Bubbelgum"(A strong type of weed) is soon out and is the second track on this snippet! BIG!

Upcoming Releases (Snippet) by Marcus Price

Here is some of Stockholm finest hiphop right now, the beat blows my head everytime!!

Here is a wild bwoy fast as hell : Max Peezay, great lyrics that criticizes all that is fucked up in Swedish Society!!

Now to make this reaaal long here is a track that also featured this saturday !

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