Thursday, July 28, 2011

Semi PDJ Reunion Tonight!

I ♥ DUBSTEP from The RGB Corp on Vimeo.

Tonight me and Mr. Bricks aka Ominous K are back in the booth in a special UK Funk room in the Rex, freshly equipped with a Function One soundsystem and extra crazy spacelights.

Those with a flyer, or even an image of the flyer on they mobile, will find theyselves in the place to be for free, before 02.30 like, to see a stellar collection of dutty bassists like Fitzroy North, Primate of the Year & Bella Boo, who complete our line-up.

Of course, being Razz, there's no half measures, and the main room (thankfully free of teeny-boppers on a Thursday) will be headed by the sounds of Hatcha.

See you inside.

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