Monday, July 4, 2011

Zodiac K.I.M. in the Tropic of Cancer

It gets hottt.  The only way to celebrate the coming of the weekend is under the stars, by the water, even better if it's a celebratory time of year for a special few folk.

Yessum, if you're down with Cancer Kings & Queens Rigo Pex, The Barna Flea Market's Natu Perez or  The Art Game's Miss Van, then come and wig out with us at the usual spot on top of town.

As always, we have the zenith of autochthonous talent behind the music, namely The Itchy N Scratchy Show, Meneo, Slick D and a first Zodiac appearance for Ferran Capo.

The sound and dress policy is hard tropical, those enhancing the ambience in this way will be rewarded with booty and spices the likes of which have never before been regaled with such abandon.

Sunday morning you will have the likes of this selection ringing in your ears as you be sipping your Bloody Maria to get over your hangover:


 Cardopusher - Damelo by cardopusher

 Mumdance - Smasher by mumdance

 GoGoTon feat Vybz Kartel & Rhyno - Jacky Murda by JackyMurda

 Ikonika - KaKa by Ikonika

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