Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meneo's 'Menu del Dia'

Meneo, well, you know Meneo right?!?! They are the duo that are cracking the world right now. Diplo thinks they're amazing; they even got their brand new Santa Nalga album mastered at Mad Decent HQ. They just seem to catch your imagination and throw any preconception right out the window. On Saturday at Plat du Jour x Dirty Canvas Mr Rigo Pex will play a DJ set of Cumbian freshness and bass wobble.

What's up Rigo Pex...

What is your current favourite record?

I'm listening a lot to Marcelo Fabian's album called 'Beija Flor', one of his early works where the balance between minimal studio production and raw latin rhythms combine into a subtle minimal record.

Marcelo Fabian at Zizek...

What is the ultimate end of the night track?

There's a marimba-waltz track with flute that makes everyone leave the dance floor floating in peace.

Which artist gets ultimate Meneo respect right now?

El Sonido del Príncipe... A guy from Amsterdam doing pretty cool electro cumbia.

What parties are showing the rest how it's done?

Well, I have to say the ones we've played at Antics in Dublin, the crowd is just amazing and it seems it's fueled by a weekly fresh line.up.

What is your Plat du Jour?

It´s a software called Little Sound Dj for the Gameboy*

Yo Rigo... See you on Saturday... Bring your airhorn and your best Cumbian moves!!

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