Monday, March 9, 2009

Mumdance's 'Menu del Dia'...

We have 5 days until Plat du Jour x Dirty Canvas at Mondo in Barcelona. Each day we are going to feature an artist on the bill and give you that little bit more!!

We chatted to Mumdance about what is his Menu Del Dia...

Current Favourite Record?

My Current favorite record for the club is a Current Value Remix of a Donny track called "Symptomless Coma", the production on it is insane, not sure how many other people like it but I've been playing it loads cos I just love hearing it really loud!!! My fave home listening record at the mo is either "Turnstyle" Hot Water Music or "For Want Of" by Rites of Spring.

Ultimate End of Night Track?

At the moment I'm doing like this cockney thug medley thing with all the remixes all mashed up live, either that or one of my own tunes cos I'm an egomaniac.

Which Artists get Ultimate Respect?

High Rankin is who I grew up listening to. Who is killing it right now... Tomb Crew, Radioclit, Trim & a new guy called Shortstuff.

Your Best Parties?

In the UK it's def Bigger Than Barry in Brum & Shit The Bed in Bristol, two promoters who REALLY know how to throw a good party. Also when I played Paris Social Club i had an EPIC time.

Your Plat Du Jour?

The Wire, my iPhone, Logic (the music production software), Bubble & Squeak (the food) & Stacey Slater from Eastenders (in character).

Mumdance is coming to Barcelona on Saturday to make us crazy, get warmed-up with this little offering GLOBAL BASS MIX and we'll see you at the front!

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