Thursday, November 19, 2009

Daniel Savio Skwee Mix for Big Up Magazine!!!

Scandinavian music history maker – Daniel Savio – the very first skweee DJ, its second producer, and the one who coined the term “skweee” (”while trying to “squeeze” the juice out of [his] Juno till the last drop”) presents a skweee-licious mix for Big Up Magazine! Yes, it is everything you expect: funky, crazy, synthy, odd, squeaky, but above all it is absolutely fresh! Enjoy!

1. Mrs Qeada “Babi”
2. Cuverville “Troglodytes”
3. Randy Barracuda “Overnight romancing”
4. Yöt “Feeling the real feeling”
5. Rigs the DJ “Lavernas Tament”
6. Randy Barracuda & MESAK “Adult games (dub)”
7. Daniel Savio “Tough guy music”
8. Pavan “Stench of you”
9. Mangrove “Angry animals”
10. Joxaren “Oklart uppdrag”
11. Audionom “Imposter (Daniel Savio remix)”
12. Randy Barracuda “Love axe/Heavy metal”
13. Daniel Savio “Fraud”
14. Lazercrotch “Nugut”
15. Melkeveien vs Nino “Mandag”

Listen and download for free, over here!

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