Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Zombie Disco Squad Present 'Playing Around Again'...

I had a turd in ZDS's pint of beer about the second Made To Play compilation, which has recently been released and is certain to knock your ears off, with bangers you didn't know you knew and bangers you're about to know and also bangers you'll never know unless you get hold of this shit.

Yo yo what it is etc. Tell me about this joint one moment please. How did the production process take form?

Around half an hour, maybe 35 mins altogether….actually the mix took a lot longer than expected, there were a lot of changes brought in and I adapted a few times.  To make the mix I used Abelton, some headphones, 36 cups of instant coffee and a whistle.

How many songs did you have to choose from?

We had the choice of everything in Made To Play's back catalogue, me and Nat chose the most ‘Zombie’ type of stuff and went from there, we wanted to include most of the releases from the labels recent history. We also have ‘re-edited’ most of the tracks to fit them into our sound, where some tracks went a bit noisy, we chopped them up and layered them to make them sound natural.

Is there an overall concept for the mix?

Not really a concept as such, but the mix does echo our sets when we play. Warming up from some more atmospheric, bassy stuff, to moving through House and more bumpy territory and ending up in Techno Hell…which usually happens once we have drunk everything to hand and can indulge our punk-rock side. As mentioned before, we used the edit a lot in this mix because we wanted to bring something new to the tracks, hopefully this comes across.

Do you have a favourite moment?

The re-edited drop when Idiotproofs ‘Gorilla’ comes in for the second time, less is more!! Plus just listening to Jan Drivers productions is a treat, he is a very talented young man and also has one of the most ramshackle studios I have ever seen, he owns two caravans, a couple of hot rods and decorates the place with Texan flags.

What formats is the shit available on?

Digi-digi and Compact Disc, I'm fighting to get it out on mini-disc but it seems no-one listens to them anymore.

Why should we cop it?

Because we did it! And we are your new favourite DJs okay? Plus royalty cheques ain't what they used to be...

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