Friday, November 13, 2009

Madlib... Medicine Show! x12 CDS

While I can say that I love Madlib, I do think that not everything he touches turns to gold. Maybe Stones Throw would disagree but a x12 CD set could either be amazing, or very dull... I am worried! Ever since seeing him beat konduct a 47 hour drum solo I know he has self indulgent tendencies. But maybe his die-hard fans want that? Maybe they want everything on a plate so they can select.

I do LOVE, and I mean LOVE Guilty Simpson though. He is definitely top 5 wordsmiths ever amongst Ghostface, Klashnekoff, Jay-Z and hmmm... one more. EDAN! Very excited though to hear about a new album from Madlib and Guilty called OJ Simpson.

Here is a track that will feature on Disc 1 of 12... This will be the one you pay attention to...

MP3: Madlib & Guilty Simpson - The Paper from Madlib Medicine Show No. 1

More HERE!

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