Friday, November 27, 2009

Kowton is about...

We mentioned Bristol based Kowton the other day and feedback has been great... So here's a little more... We spotted a pretty all encompassing interview on Blackdown and you can download the mix HERE.

This is what's all a boot...
STL - Bird Art (Something)
Andre - Moments in Life (Mahogani Music)
WBeeza - He So Crazy (Third Ear)
Soundstream - "Live" Goes On (Soundstream)
Kowton - Stasis (G mix) (Keysound)
DJ Abstract - Touch (Tempa)
Kowton - Looking At You (unreleased)
Pearson Sound - Wad (Hessle Audio)
Kowton - Countryman (Keysound)
Emvee - Nocturnal (Wireblock)
Kowton - Metronome (LV Remix)(unreleased - Nakedlunch forthcoming?)
Joe - Grimelight (Hessle Audio)
Peverelist - Bluez (Punch Drunk)
Guido - Beautiful Complication (Punch Drunk)

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