Saturday, January 23, 2010

Disposable Income

Free mixes to download come ten a penny these days.  Whereas a painstainly-crafted mixtape could endure hundreds of revisits in the past, today's (dis)Ableton-armed spinsmith needs an hour to trawl a few blogs, juno and boomkat and voila, 60 minutes of top-quality entertainments to diffuse.

The solution to too many new things cramming up your hard-drive like cold-war space junk in the atmosphere has also arrived with today's fancy software: the podcast.  Arriving every week, a fresh selection to digest, consider, then discard, or save, if you prefer.

Some may take the format of a radio show, like the well established Global Souljah BBE Podcast presented in the bedside manner of a hypnotist by Barnawood resident and occasional collaborator James Barrie.  Others are just a straight-up club-style mix, and for having the finger on the pulse in terms of selecting the selectors, look no further than XLR8R.

Just a couple of clicks will have you subscribed to a Podcast which has featured May Ann Hobbs, Brackles, ZDS, Wireblock, Shit Robot and Kode 9 over the past six months; waiting for the XLR8R podcast reminds me of the excitement of the arrival of the Tim Westwood Show on Radio One, with surprises, exclusives and old things with new twists for to stimulate yourself wherever you may tune in.

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