Thursday, January 7, 2010

South Rakkas Crew $$ BLOW UP $$ Mad Decent

This is for real... The South Rakkas Crew just dropped their new album 'The Stimulus Package'... FOR F$*KING FREE! Show some respect. Featuring Killa Queenz, Grafton Primary, Mr Benn, Capleton, Rage, Serocee and Lei Di Dai. South Rakkas Crew aim to replenish the depleted gold music reserve and single-handedly drag everyone out to get skanky into the new decade.

These guys are some our favourite producers and we wish they could have joined the Plat du Jour crew as we celebrate Barna Hill Carnival next month at Apolo 1 in Barcelona. This is the sound though... LISTEN UP! Come join us on Feb 11 - Tomb Crew x Meneo x Heatwave x K**O x C Shell x Slick Dixx x Rigo Pex x Entter - HUGE! More soon!

Check this promo video featuring Lady Chann & Killa Queenz...

Plus a mix of the album...

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