Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Weekly Weekend Wig-Out

The all-new Plat Du Jour feature is The Weekly Weekend Wig-Out, where we weigh up all the possible parties that could be attended in Barcelona on forthcoming non-school night nights.  We may well add to the post with a review if we succeed in getting into said party/gig/performance/wet t-shirt contest.

This weekend arrives the dude who most successfully shook his big-beat success that we really didn't like and turned into something between Fidget and Zapatilla that we can all get our teeth into: Fake Blood.  Predictably spinning at Apolo, where we're also headed tonight to peep Delorean, it remains to be seen if Señor Blood can find something new to do with 'Mars' that doesn't bore the backpackers whilst appeasing the Johnny-Come-Latelys.  My money's on the Boy 8-Bit Remix, which would slide in beautifully around the tortured teletext visuals concocted by the Mighty VJ Entter.

Here's a big-ass 2 hour mix to goad you up into a frenzy before we see each other in the front row gurning like a pair of 90-year-old stressed toothless 'Bacon Faced' Alex Fergusons.

 Fake Blood - Diesel U Music Show  by  Fake Blood

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  1. I should probably add that although in the picture there is no Fake Blood, there are allusions to the fact that fake blood could be used in the production of the implied film.