Friday, January 22, 2010

We Was Robbed

As is normally the case in tournaments on foreign soil, the (largely) English squad, made up of myself, Dodder, Rigo Pex, Jordi, tournament MVP Taser T and a standout rookie named C-Shell were cruelly cheated out of glory in last night's Fantastic Music Quith at Bar Fantastico, Barnawood.

After taking a first half lead of nearly 10 points over our rivals, managers from our flailing competition put a lot of pressure on the referees to alter the questions in their favour.  After an unattractive second half, The Gang Of Five Plus One (as we were comically monikered hitherto) were beaten into joint second place, narrowly missing out on a bottle of wine and discount on a ski-pass.

We are far from bitter, however, and wish to congratulate the underhand lizard winners, whose name escapes me, and is of no consequence anyway.

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