Monday, February 22, 2010

Interview: Jubilee

I listen to a shit load of DJ mixes on my travels around Barnawood, from my MP3 device through the ear goggles, directly to my mental. I have high standards and no patience to a DJ needs to work it hard to keep my attention or they're getting banished to the realm of number of plays: 1. Without a shadow of a doubt, the best hour of music I have heard this year comes from Jessica Gentile aka Jubilee, who recently put a thoroughly entertaining hour of bangers together for XLR8R.

A native of South Florida, Jubilee (whose name comes from the spritely X Men character) now resides in New York, where we can only imagine how it goes down, until we save up enough to go see for ourselves. I reckon the combination of Miami Bass and New York Everything must be a tremendous influence, but her tastes and setlests are delightfully varied without being cheap, and tight without being soulless. People the webite for mixes, flicks, etc etc. Peep the wee interview below for an idea of what a gwan with Jubilee right now.

What is your current favourite record?
Right now my favorite record is Zinc featuring Ms. Dynamite-Wile Out. Can't get enough of it.

I am really into sexy music in the clubs right now. and anything with a hard bassline. I play alot of Lil Silva's stuff, Roska's stuff, stuff from my label (Nightshifters), Some of the Ghetto Division's music. Music from Bersa DIscos. Really all over the map.

At home I have been listening to rap music.
What is the ultimate end of the night track?

Ultimate? Joy Orbison- Hyph Mngo still does it for me. Epic

Which artist gets ultimate Jubilee respect right now?

Untold. So good. Perfect even

I just saw TRG play at the Unsound festival and it was amazing. Can't wait to see more. Also Redlight. I wouldn't exactly say he is "new" but his upcoming music is top notch and definitely a new sound.

What parties are showing the rest how it's done?

Right now in New York I can safely say that Flashing Lights, my monthly, with Ayres and Catchdubs is a big one as well as Trouble and Bass, Fixed and I will always love Dubwar.

Tormenta Tropical in San Fransisico is definitely one of the best parties in the US. Cumbia Crunk forever. Such a diverse crowd and really open to anything. So much fun.
What is your Plat du Jour?

Really into the new single by The Dream right now. Nicky Minaj, Gucci Mane.

As far as activities go I try and go running on a daily basis, it's good for my brain and body. And I am really busy and travel alot so good quality time drinking a glass of wine with my close friends...and a nice dinner is always good.

Foods I love: oreo cookies, olives,pickles, mushrooms and bacon (not all together...or maybe...Never tried it. hmmmm.

Cheers Jubes. Can I call you that? No? My Bad.

To check Jubilee's first release, which is a YouTube smash, for what it's worth:

...and keep your eyes open for a possible Euro Trip in the future.

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