Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wild Weekend Wig-Out Of The Week Self-Trumpet Blow

Welcome to your second weekend warning concerning what to do when the Barnawood weekend gets going.  This week, we'll be objectively offering advice with one eye on our own interests, possibly not for the last time, and another more empathetic eye on our brethren who have been on the wrong end of a good argument for the non-existence of God.

Yessir, this weekend me myself Slick Dee Dee, C Shell, K**O and Ho$oI will grace the upstairs of Espais Actuals, a spot oft-referred to but rarely frequented, of questionable legitimacy and undoubted promise, all night long.

Headlining the basement zone will be Javi Verdes, figurehead of Verdes Records, veteran of most of the city's most important music festivals and selector of a wide range of well-woven world electronic and organic dance stuffs.

To switch things up the bill also features the deep tech sensations of Jose Lucker & Alex G, the moody beeps and bloops of Gersound, Ivan Escura's minimal notions and last but not last the feminine movements of Nuria Ghia.

You need know little more, other than the essential logistical info, which is right here, and that you have to come because so far you haven't done anything for the cause.

Me and Taser T are putting the finishing touches on a charity single that may very well be ready for the night and all.

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