Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wild Weekend Wig-Out Of The Week Self-Trumpet Blow Part Two

Once again, we happen to be involved in the weekend's hottest throwdown.  What a co-incidink!  

Whereas we played second fiddle to the techno crowd at last week's Haiti do (raising €4K in the process!), tonite it's all about us and the phenomenal line-up assembled on a shoestring.

Yes yes, tonight sees the triumphant return of the Tomb Crew lot, after playing PDJ a couple of years ago have come on leaps and bounds and are getting love from everyone from Crookers to Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, touring tirelessly in the process.

Also on the glorious Apolo stage will be long-time collaborators and guaranteed mayhem-bringers Meneo, Notting Hill Carnival stalwarts Heatwave, and your Pig Lovering residents, K**O, C-Shell and me.  

Rigo Pex will be gluing it all together with his tropical quips with the Mighty Entter on the vizzy vizzy.  It's totally free before 1 for e'ryone, free before 2 if you got the flyer (there's plenty left in Holala still I think) and well, we can't make it any easier for you.  

I have never been to Notting Hill Carnival, nor the Catholic celebrations that they have over here, but we are sure to show them all up this very evening.  I cannae wait.

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