Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekly Weekend Wig Out Of The Week!

Okay this will be a quick heads up for all of you goons skiving the last office hours of the week away thinking of what mischief you can get yourself into in the next two days before it starts all over again.

Re-edit disco tape DJ Hacienda legend king Greg Wilson is IN TOWN.  The publicity shot above is no publicity shot.  This man DJs in the way that God intended: reel to reel, his own re-edits, bumping dance music all night long at BeCool, which is rapidly coming the preferred weekend wig out of Barnawood's most discerning club fiend.

You don't have much time to prepare yourself, as the jump-off is tonight, but go see this North-Western style masteer in action on a whim and you will be transported away from your mundane existance to a carefree pre-AIDS world of sinsethesia and joy.  If only for a few hours.

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