Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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discos paradiso

A new record shop has opened in the centre of Barcelona, and it goes by the name of Discos Paradiso.  A joint venture between four Catalan friends, the shop offers plenty of second hand gems from the realms of us and European house, techno, rave and disco, rock, garage and funk; as well as the latest joints from the sub-genres that are invented every couple of months in our modern times.

After having managed to convince the government that the nous and potential market was there for the project to succeed, our brave stewards set off on what was undoubtedly one of the best trips for a crate digger imaginable, steaming around mainland Europe in a van in search of material to sell.  The results are there for all to see, if all would like to go visit the store the address be Ferlandina 39, Barcelona 08001.

I had a little word with Gerard and Arnau to see how they were feeling a week after their launch.

PDJ: Is this the easiest way you can think of to earn a living?

DP: Maybe not the easiest but the most fun.  For us it's one of the best jobs that we could do, but at the moment, records are not the easiest things to sell.

PDJ: Why should people buy vinyl and not CDs or MP3s?

DP:   In our opinion, a record is like an objet d'art.  If you want to really achieve anything in music, you have to press records, as opposed to a CD or MP3 that ultimately no-one cares about.

PDJ:  Why should people to to your shop rather than any of the other shops in Barnawood?

DP:  We think that our shops is one of the best ways to inform yourself about music in the city.  In the back we have a stage where people can spin or do a concert, and we take care of second-hand records which is not usual in Barcelona.

PDJ:  What does Barcelona have, in terms of music, that is special?

DP:  That's a difficult question.  Right now, we don't have a strong scene as a whole, but we have separate groups of people that are doing very good things.  The best think that we could do is try to be strong and be a family.

Discos Paradiso maintain a well-written blog about records that they have in stock, and are starting to put  on wee events in the charming back room that they have going there.  The next one is this Saturday, 8th May, in the afternoon.

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