Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wild Ass Weekend Weekly Wig-Out of The Week: This Time More West

 This week's essential wig-out comes from a whole new angle in a whole other locality.  I , DJ Slick Dixxx, the working DJ's working DJ, will have the honour to break in, tame and ride the Madrileño public of Pantera over disco hurdles, through tunnels of bass and over bridges of international house bleeps.

But you and I both all know that Slick Dixxx doesn't never ride solo, for fear of bandit attack, so it is a great feather in my cap to have Montañero 4814 of La Montaña Sagrada as my wingman, not to mention Blasco Etchegarray and the Zombie Kids also clearing out tumbleweeds of dancefloor inersia and replacing them with gold rushes of subidones and other agreeable nightclub phenomena.

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