Monday, May 24, 2010

Guido x Anidea

It sounds good, it sounds good! Everybody is talking about one leading light in the scene right now. Hook up to Punch Drunks Soundcloud to hear it all and more!

"It would be easy to say that Guido can now join the pantheon of Important Dubstep(-ish) Albums along with Burial, Shackleton, Kode9 and Peverelist, but with his unique grasp of melody, colour and instrumentation, maybe he deserves a section all to his own." 4/5 - FACTMAG.COM

"Emotive, unconventional and fizzing with youthful energy - Music at its finest." 8/10 - iDJ

Guido 'Anidea' - Punch Drunk Records - CD Tracklist:
01. Guido ‘Anidea’
02. Guido ‘Orchestral Lab’
03. Guido ‘Woke Up Early’
04. Guido ‘Cat In The Window’
05. Guido ‘Beautiful Complication’ featuring Aarya
06. Guido ‘Mad Sax’
07. Guido ‘You Do It Right’
08. Guido ‘Take Me Higher’
09. Guido ‘Way U Make Me Feel’ feat Yolanda
10. Guido ‘Tango’
11. Guido ‘Shades of Blue’
12. Guido ‘Tantalized’

2x12” Vinyl LP Track list:
A: Guido ’Shades of Blue’
B: Guido ‘Cat In The Window’
BB: Guido ‘Woke Up Early’
C: Guido ‘Tango’
D: Guido ‘You Do It Right’
DD: Guido ‘Mad Sax’

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