Sunday, May 9, 2010

3* Vs. Pimenta Mallagueta!

Man when I found The Blessings for the first time I was excited. I got sent this electronic Burrito and there it was folded into the waves of rice, Jalapeños, Frijoles Bayos Refritos and some Pimenta Malagueta for real packa-punch!! It's slick though, like everything of LuckyMe fame it looks so good you don't know where to start. It's 3* Michelin design with gritty south of the border bass heat! The perfect combo.

In respect of their recent workings Plat du Jour are cooking are a Mexican feast of which will be documented on here innit! The Blessings... Wish you were here. Plat du Jour x

ps. Click here to pre-order beats to make burritos by.
pps. Check 'em on Saturday at Sonar 2010!

KSNN10 The Blessings Galaxy HighbyLuckyMe Music.Art.Parties

Hot SongbyThe Blessings (LuckyMe)

Moranis Riding AntsbyThe Blessings (LuckyMe)

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