Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekly Wild Out Wig Out In The Wilderness

This look good!  Something that doesn't involve one of the monolith clubs has got to be a welcome change.  Plus you gots all weekend to get down, starting tonight, but it's tomorrow that gets the Wig Out seal of approval with the likes of Nehuen, C156 and Mr Gasparov leading the line in the all night bass rave in a location as yet unannounced yet to be announced should you find yourself in the warm-up sala which is called Sala FUN, on Carrer Puigcerdà, 98, terroir Mad Max, Poble Nou.

The all weekend ticket will make you 15 clams poorer, the one night all-nighter tomorrow night 12, but you will be all the richer in seeing some new spaces and faces. Let's get down with the get down.

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